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Review – Oktobermen Special Edition

10 February, 2013

Beware, for the Oktobermen haunt the night committing mystical crimes for their own benefit. If a group of occult-themed supervillains fits into your Mutants & Masterminds campaign, the Oktobermen may be just what you need for supernatural scenarios.

Due Vigilance 1: the Oktobermen with Smoke and Mirrors is a character collection for Mutants & Masterminds.  The art throughout is full color with each of the major characters getting their own illustration.  HeroLab files for all of the characters and a set of cut out, stand-up figures for the team are included as well.  The product begins with the group background and a colorful and useful relationship chart showing what each of the six members of the Oktobermen think of each other. Then it moves into the team members themselves, arranged alphabetically, which means that the team’s leader, Spring-Heeled Jack is the last member detailed (which struck me as strange).

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