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The Fourth Shack (Petrichor 365)

3 February, 2023

Bring your ownNearby to the docks, is a shack made of scraps and salvage and hung over the entrance is a battered tankard.  The entrance, which is covered by nothing but a stained curtain made from an empty grain bag, is not entirely unwelcoming.

The interior is a handful of roughly built tables and benches, several barrels of beer and, on a good night, some casks and bottles of other alcohol-containing beverages.  Occasionally new barrels of beer will appear their source is never entirely clear.  Salvaged ship’s lanterns provide some light to the dim interior.  The floor is mostly packed earth, the only wooden planks are under the barrels, and covered in fresh straw or sand as it becomes available. Read the rest of this entry ?

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