Rokugan SRIU Episode 14 “Wild Horses and Wind Shrines” (L5R Campaign Report)

15 July, 2018

After surviving gunfire and just normal fire, our heroes find themselves in still in Dragon’s Guard City, two weeks later.  Akodo Akina has been sent to Shiro Matsu to return the daisho of the slain governor, Matsu Hotohara, and those of his bodyguards to their families.  While Tonbo Sanetomi has been sent with a report on the Teppo and Gaijin pepper to the Agasha shugenja in the Dragon mountains.

The city, especially the docks and warehouse district, suffer from damage and fires and repairs are ongoing with the nearby monastery of the Order of Harmonious Work dispatching its monks and nuns to help out as well.  The Mirumoto investigator has been helping solve petty crimes as the confusion has led to considerable minor theft, he is surprisingly lenient with the perpetrators, only demanding the items be returned and otherwise delivering a stern warning.

Suzume Ryosuke (last seen in Episode 5!) arrived with

Matsu Yakoshi, a petite and pretty Matsu who was trained as a Bayushi courtier, due to a clause in her parent marriage contract.  She does not get on with her mother . . . or her ancestors.  (Bayushi courtier 1, played by M.)

The Governor's palacewho is newly assigned to the SRIU and new orders from Doji Akira.  It seems there is considerable debate as to whom should govern Dragon’s Guard City, so while that is being sorted out in the Imperial Court, Hida Kenta is assigned as acting governor until such a time as a permanent replacement is decided upon.  The city is overjoyed, as they know Kenta and his team from several previous visits and promptly throw him a huge welcoming party with food, mostly seafood, and drink from all over town brought in.

At the impromptu party the Asako and Bayushi shugenja are approached by a local delegation that wishes to build a new shrine as a thank you to the kami for not letting the city be destroyed and to petition for further protection.  The two have a long discussion and decide a shrine to the Kami of the Winds would be best.  While the Otaku meets one of the monks, named Takuji, in the stables who mentions having seen a heard of wild horses up the Mountains of Regret while he was off gathering food and medicine for the monastery.

The next day Hida Kenta sets down to grapple with the bane of the governor’s life, paperwork, luckily he has the former governor’s assistant, Miya Miyasako, and the newly arrived Matsu to assist him.  The Asako and the Mirumoto set out to find just the perfect spot for the new shrine down along the waterfront.  Everyone else heads out up into the mountain to try and locate the wild horses.  They found the tracks of the herd and tracks of a wolf pack following them, so they decided to turn back to the monastery and continue the mission the next day.  The Bayushi sent a magic messenger bird to the Hida to keep him informed.  Remembering the corrupted tiger, Hida Kenta asked the Miya if there was any jade paste in the armory, the Miya replied that their was not but, and he searched for a bit and returned with a dusty box that had been left by a Kuni witch-hunter many decades ago containing three jade tipped arrows and two fingers of jade.  Kenta decided to personally deliver them to the monastery and hear the report first hand.

Wild HorsesThe next day, the Hida again settles in for more paperwork.  While the Asako and the Mirumoto return, at the Asako’s insistence, for a final triple check of the various locations before deciding where to site the shrine.  The rest of the yoriki were venturing deeper into the mountains, having set off in the predawn light, by early afternoon, they had found the herd and more wolf tracks.  The Bayushi called upon the kami to speak with the horses as she just began to speak, two wolves burst from the undergrowth straight at the Suzume!  The Sumuze slashed at the wolves and is a little puzzled as they dash by him.  Suddenly a stallion with hooves of obsidian and a blood flecked mouth appeared, pursuing the wolves.

A desperate fight follows which see both the Suzume and the Otaku’s mount badly wounded before jade arrows and the Wrathful Glare of the Sun finally strikes down the corrupted stallion, its steaming black blood crystallizing into obsidian.  Shaken, they lead the horses back to the monastery and discuss where these corrupted creatures are coming from.

Thus ended the Episode, join us for Episode 15, coming soon.

Notes: We had the full group for this, seven players!  Since we lost T1 does to illness, C1 was back as the Suzume and M brought in a new character as he was unsatisfied with how the Tonbo had been playing.

I saw this as the start of a new Season of the SRIU, so returning actors, a new framework to the game to shake things up for a bit and so on (maybe a remixed theme song too).

Castle picture “DSC21872, Honmaru Palace, Nijo Castle, Kyoto, Japan” by Jim G and “Wild Horses” by Jon Nelson are both licensed under CC BY 2.0



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