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Tuesday Magic Item – Bloodsnake Venom

15 October, 2019

Red blood, red belly“Ambush!” Voddick shouted, snapping a shot at the attackers with his crossbow.

Gollaon deflect an arrow aimed at their charge.  “Thrice cursed bandits!”  He turned to see one of the other guard writhing in pain and his spilled blood congealing into a serpent that in turn attacked its progenitor.  “Assassins!”

“Bastards!” said Voddick as he stomping on the snake and then recocked his crossbow.

“Let’s get out of here!” Gollaon lent actions to words, pushes their charge before him as he caught another arrow with his sword.

Bloodsnake Venom

This foul concoction is made of various magical and rare ingredients, many of which are related to snakes and serpents, the end result is a greenish-red paste that smells of dry copper and that adheres to most weapons.  It must be kept sealed in opaque glass or porcelain or it loses its potency.  A container usually contains enough for three weapons.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Spectator’s Mirror

19 February, 2019

Mirror mirrorVoddick looked behind the tapestry, again.

“What is the matter?” asked Gollaon, eyebrow canted curiously.

“I just cannot shake the feeling that we are being watched,” explained Voddick, bending to look under a table.

“Hmm.”  Gollaon took a silver coin and set it spinning on the table, seemingly unconcerned.  When it stopped spinning and landed with on side up, he glanced at it and swept it up with his hand.  “We are being watched by some sort of magic.”

“Ah, that explains it,” nodded Voddick.  “But why?”

“No idea.”

Spectator’s Mirror

These mirrors always seem to have some small flaw, not quite casting a prefect reflection.  They usually have ornate frames and can be of medium to large size.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Showman’s Blade

5 February, 2019

That sword

“It is good to have some time to enjoy a carnival,” said Voddick enjoying a mug of spiced ale.

“But we should keep our wits about us,” said Gollaon eating some honeyed almonds.

“Truth.  Some here are looking for entertainment of a more violent fashion.” Voddick nodded to a group of swaggering toughs.

“We had best keep an eye on them so they do not spoil the festival for the rest,” said Gollaon with a sigh.

Showman’s Blade

These weapons, almost always swords, have elaborately decorated hilts and are often decorated with runes or designs on the blade that flare with magical power when it is used.  Unlike many swords with overly elaborate hilts, the blades are well made and suiting to combat not just show.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Serpent of Ambition

3 July, 2018

Clutching a serpent can be dangerous“I think we should get out of the contract as soon as possible,” said Voddick.

“Why?  It pays well,” replied Gollaon.  “And we are in a city again.”  He gestured to the beautiful buildings around them.

“Both true statement,” agreed Voddick.  “But I fear our employer is too ambitious.”

“We have worked for ambitious nobles before.”

“But this one embraces a snake as a symbol.”

Gollaon paused.  “True.  Let us start looking for ways to extricate ourselves from this situation.”

Serpent of Ambition

These magic item can be any type of jewelry by are usually a broach or ring, they always have a serpent prominent in their design while there may be other design elements partly disguising it, the serpent can always be seen.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Lucky Helm

13 February, 2018

Keeps YOU safe“Hey, that Geoff!” said Voddick turning in his saddle to get a better look as the soldiers passing by.

“Geoff?! We have not seen him since that skirmish in Volak,” said Gollaon giving a wave to the trouping warriors.

“He was with a Red Banner then,” said Voddick.  “Wonder how he ended up with the Gold Snakes?”

“I heard the Red Banner was near wiped out in a campaign against some pirates.”

“Hmm.  Well Geoff’s luck has held and he still has that stupid helm.”

Lucky Helm

These helms are usually a little battered but well loved by their owners who often decorate them as best they can, while dented and scarred, they have no breaks or flaws to endanger their wearer.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Claimant’s Medallion

28 February, 2017

A familair face“That fellow, the one talking with the Count, he seems awfully familiar but I am sure we have not met,” said Voddick before taking another bite of sausage.

Gollaon looked across the mess hall and did a double take.  “By the Shadowed Path, he is a spitting image of Baron Danballion’s heir, Paxton.  The one that was killed in the Dark Star ambush.”

“You are right and he is carrying the house shield too.  Didn’t Paxton say he was an only child?  A cousin maybe?”

Gollaon studied the man with the Danballion shield.  “Perhaps . . .”

Claimant’s Medallion

These medallions contain a picture or image, changing to match the gender of the wearer, and have a secret compartment to place a twist of hair or other bit of body.

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New Magic Item – Flesh-Biting Blade

19 February, 2017

Dangerous to allGollaon looked over the captured sword.  “Nasty piece of work.”

Voddick, rubbed under the cut on his forehead, “Very.  I would be careful with it, my friend.  Such weapons often have evil spirits bound into them.”

“Not a wise choice,” Gollaon managed to force it back into its scabbard.

“No, weapon-bound spirits are dangerous enough, it is foolish to temp fate by binding one that is malevolent.”

Flesh-Biting Blade

These weapons usually look vicious with wavy or serrated blades, they are very hard to keep clean and often have bits of hair or skin caught in their edge, but this does not impair their sharpness and ability to inflict damage.

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