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Tuesday Magic Item – Claimant’s Medallion

28 February, 2017

A familair face“That fellow, the one talking with the Count, he seems awfully familiar but I am sure we have not met,” said Voddick before taking another bite of sausage.

Gollaon looked across the mess hall and did a double take.  “By the Shadowed Path, he is a spitting image of Baron Danballion’s heir, Paxton.  The one that was killed in the Dark Star ambush.”

“You are right and he is carrying the house shield too.  Didn’t Paxton say he was an only child?  A cousin maybe?”

Gollaon studied the man with the Danballion shield.  “Perhaps . . .”

Claimant’s Medallion

These medallions contain a picture or image, changing to match the gender of the wearer, and have a secret compartment to place a twist of hair or other bit of body.

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New Magic Item – Flesh-Biting Blade

19 February, 2017

Dangerous to allGollaon looked over the captured sword.  “Nasty piece of work.”

Voddick, rubbed under the cut on his forehead, “Very.  I would be careful with it, my friend.  Such weapons often have evil spirits bound into them.”

“Not a wise choice,” Gollaon managed to force it back into its scabbard.

“No, weapon-bound spirits are dangerous enough, it is foolish to temp fate by binding one that is malevolent.”

Flesh-Biting Blade

These weapons usually look vicious with wavy or serrated blades, they are very hard to keep clean and often have bits of hair or skin caught in their edge, but this does not impair their sharpness and ability to inflict damage.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Heartbreaker

14 February, 2017

It will stab you in the heartGollaon paused in the cleaning of his sword and sighed.

“Who are you pining over now?” asked Voddick as he carefully stitched a repair in his shirt.

“That girl.”

“That does not narrow it much you know,” grumbled Voddick.

“The raven-haired lass with the flashing blue eye,” he sighed.

“The one who stabbed you in that brawl?  The one with the eyepatch!?”

“The very one.”


The origin of this dagger is unknown, but rumors about it have been circulating for centuries if not longer.  It is a plain steel weapon with a curved blade, unexceptional in appearance but it is warmer than the ambient temperature to the touch.

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New Magic Item – Downfall Amulet (for D&D5)

6 July, 2016

Once a great city“These impressive ruins were once the capital of the Republic of Ruvina, but the ambitions of the powerful families placed them at odds with each other.  Eventually, the feuds grew so all consuming that the threat from outside was ignored,” the guide gestured to the now empty buildings.  “This was the result of such fratricidal conflicts.”

Downfall Amulet

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

These amulets are usually simple in design, but with one small flaw in their design, though made of the most precious of materials.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Downfall Amulet

5 July, 2016

Hatred is Pure“These nobles have raised infighting to an art form,” said Gollaon.

“You sound almost wistful my friend,” replied Voddick.

“Ah, perhaps,” he said drumming his fingers on his sword hilt, “it reminds me rather of where I spent my youth.  A dangerous time but exciting ones for a young man.”

Voddick nodded.  “There is no passion like the passion of youth.”


Downfall Amulet

These amulets are usually simple in design, but with one small flaw in their design, though made of the most precious of materials.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Cameo of Vanity

24 February, 2016

Beautiful“What a charming hostess,” said Voddick, sipping at a cup of strong tea.

Golaon nodded, “And quite beautiful in spite of her age.  Her spirit is young and her will like iron.”

“What an odd thing to say.”

“She has at her hands, well at her throat,” he tapped his collarbone when the lady wore an exquisite cameo, “the ability to be much young should she choose, that she does not, is a testimony to her honor and her will.”

Cameo of Vanity

These are exquisitely crafted pieces of jewelry in the cameo style, always depicting a  person at the height of their beauty.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Book of Withered Souls

23 June, 2015

One reciepe at a time“Funny how the duke just took sick,” said Voddick, slicing onions for the stew.

“And so soon after his brother’s death too,” said Gollaon peeling carrots.

“A tragedy for the family it is,” agreed the old cook, unconsciously patting her book of recipes in her apron pocket.

The Book of Withered Souls

The origins of this most sinister tome are much debated but it seems to be an artifact of the darkness within people rather than from some outside power.  The book itself is surprisingly nondescript, looking more like an overstuffed recipe book, which to some extent it is, perhaps formerly owned by the cook employed by a merchant or petty nobility.  The recipes within are a bit strange but they do product tasty food.  It is when someone with ill-thoughts looks through it, they will find . . . other recipes those for curses.

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