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Tuesday Magic Item – Curse of Unpleasantness

11 April, 2023

You unpleasant churl!Voddick frowned as the well-dressed man passed by, muttering loudly about how ill-mannered everyone was today.

Gollaon watched him go.  “It seems that the baron finally offended someone who could strike back.”

Voddick looked to his friend.  “What do you mean?

“I mean that the baron has been cursed, now his inner unpleasantness is on display for everyone . . . except himself.”

Curse of Unpleasantness

These curses are petty in nature but they can be brutally effective.  They are most commonly written on a piece of paper which is then given to the victim, the curse is expressed as a single rude or discourteous thing the victim did and reading it triggers the curse (and renders the piece of paper blank).

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Tuesday Magic Item – Spiritdrinker

11 October, 2022

Choose your weaponGollaon slowly sipped at a glass of wine as they watched the swordsman practice.

Voddick joined his friend and took a drink of ale.  “That is a uniquely decorated sword he has,” he said.  “But did it not have a different pattern when we were here last month?”

“I was just pondering the same thing,” Gollaon took another sip.


It is thought (perhaps hoped) that there is only one of these blades, its maker is thought to have been the God of Smiths at the request of Lady-Lord of Mischief.  The weapon is quite plain at first, though it is perfectly balanced and whoever picks it up finds it fits their hand perfectly.  As it is used, it shapes itself to its wielder and, perhaps, the reverse is true as well.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Shadowstealer

4 October, 2022

Dark cloak for a dark soulGollaon moved quickly aside, almost skipping away as the black-dressed mage swept by.

Voddick watched them go.  “What was that is aid of?” he asked once the wizard was out of earshot.

“Did you see?  No shadow,” said Gollaon.

“That is not good.”

“Not good at all.”


These cloaks, if there are indeed more than one, are of a dark cloth that often seems black but occasionally other dark colors can be seen within.  It never seems to wear or stain, always dark, always complete.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Crown of Ghosts

16 August, 2022

Heavy is the burdenVoddick watched as the tyrant batted at something only he seem to be able to see, whispered “Is he alright?”

Gollaon, whose attention was on the crown, replied, “I think he is haunted by his victims.”

“Are not all tyrants?

?This one more than most I think.”

Crown of Ghosts

This crown was commissioned by a tyrannical ruler to help them enforce their will, the sorcerer who made it did so only because their family was threatened.  To at least exact revenge against the ruler, the sorcerer layered in a hidden curse to punish them for their transgressions.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Dragonheart Amulet

22 February, 2022

The San Martinos Chuch marble dragon from Lucca, Italia.n

Gollaon paced nervously as they waited in the antechamber.

“Be calm, my friend,” said Voddick.  “It is not like you to be so ill at ease.”

“I just am not comfortable around . . . them,” the last part was said as a whisper.

“Well, it cannot be helped, sometimes we just have to confront those at the top of the treasure pile,” Voddick said.

“Truth.  But still . . . them and their direct servants throw me off my game.”

“Take a deep breath and relax.  They are just another tyrant and we have deal with many of those.”

Dragonheart Amulet

These amulets are made for members of the various draconic houses, often serving as badges of authority as well as symbols of loyalty.  As symbols of the houses, they are usually worked in the colors and motifs usually used by that house, for example House Hazolai (“Highest Lightning”) works their amulets in crystal and gold designed to catch the light and envoke the image of lightning.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Hoard Coin

1 February, 2022

WRD“Hunting the thief who stole a set of decorated tankards seems a little . . . low of a task for us, my friend,” said Voddick pacing his taller friend.

“True but it may help us make a reputation in this town,” replied Gollaon.  “And . . .”

“The owner of the tankards is very attractive,” sighed Voddick.  “Yet, you are not wrong, we need to build a reputation for competence in this town.

“Any ally is a good ally.”

Hoard Coin

These coins are always made of the most precious of metals, usually gold, and ofter have a dragon’s head on one face and a dragon in flight on the other.  Along the edge is occasionally listed a motto such as “For greed all of nature is too little.”  The first of these items was said to have been created by a dragon who was annoyed by people who moked their “greed” and desire to “hoard” when people were just as bad.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Solstice Wand

22 December, 2021

wand-gb2b5e2443_640“How have we ended up involved in a fight between light and dark?  Surely this is above our level of responsibility,” said Voddick fingering the charms hanging off his weapon belt.

Gollaon nodded, “But we are here now.”

“Truth,” he sighed.  “And it would look cowardly to leave . . . would it not?”



Solstice Wand

These wand exist in three states, unclaimed they are relatively unremarkable wands tipped with a dull crystal.  But once claimed, it takes on the timbre of its owner, golden and glowing with warm light for those on the side of light, violet and radiating a dim aura of shadows for those servants of the dark.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Monkey Sash

14 December, 2021

309px-Animals_of_Hindustan_monkeys_called_bandar_that_can_be_taught_to_do_tricks,_from_Illuminated_manuscript_Baburnama_(Memoirs_of_Babur)Voddick groaned as the thief scrambled up the wall like, well, a monkey.  “Why do the annoying people always have magic to allow them to scurry away?”

Gollaon flipped a knife underhanded which sunk into the thief’s buttocks.  The thief gave a cry of pain and almost fell when he tried to grab the knife.  “There are solutions,” said Gollaon.

Voddick grinned and grabbed discarded chunk of wood.  “Come down or we will knock you down.  We will be more mercifal than the fall.”

“We will take that knife out and patch you up too.”

The thief paused, looked at how much further they had to good and started, slowly and painfully climbing down.

Monkey Sash

These sashes are usually decorated in what could be called a garish style with multiple colors, metalic threads, bangles and beads.  To say that they are distinctive is an understatement.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Betrayer’s Gift

7 December, 2021

BetrayalGollaon frowned as he looked over the royal guardians.  “Something is wrong, I feel it but I cannot see it.”

Now Voddick was also frowning.  “I have come to trust your intuition.  Any thoughts on how to reveal the wrongness?”

“There are a variety of techniques but I do not know if the guardians will let me try any of them.”

Voddick glanced over them.  “You are correct, they seem . . . less than likely to trust the intuitions of strangers.”

Betrayer’s Gift

These items are crafted for ill purposes, they are subtle and cruel, and deceptively simple, usually a single rune on gossamer thin cloth.  Set onto an item, they vanish, melding into the item, unseen, waiting.  Their magic is primed when the item they are attached to is given as gift, the final magic is triggered by a command word.

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Rattail Blade (A to Z, Tuesday Magic Item)

21 April, 2020

The god of rats and vermin was one of the last gods to be hunted down and before he was killed, he set in motion what he hoped would be his vengeance (see Osquip, Stellar).  Others, learning of the divine hatred imbued in the Osquip has taken to using that magic to build weapons.

Rats rememberVoddick and Gollaon watched as the guards searched one fellow heading into the Senatehouse of the Serene Republic.  They looked at each other and followed.  “Something wrong,” said Voddick.

“Very wrong,” agreed Gollaon.  “His eyes were too dark.”

“And a twitchy nose.”

They looked at each other.  “Rat tail.”

The man they were following spotted them and started to run.

Rattail Blade

These weapons are always narrow and usually long, their blades are a dull color usually gray or blackened, and their grips are rough leather.  The sheaths are always pale leather.

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