GenCon Plans (2010)

28 July, 2010

I will be heading off to GenCon a week from now, the site will continue to update (if all goes well) but comments from new posters will not be able to be approved until my return.

You can find me in the Exhibitor’s Hall at the AEG booth demonstrating fine games at these times:

Thur 10-4 / Fri 2-6 / Sat Noon-6 / Sun 10-4

Do come by and try out Infinite City, it is quite fun, as are many of the other games on offer.  The Legend of the Five Rings CCG is recommended if you like CCGs and samurai.  Unfortunately, AEG is not running any demonstrations of the new edition of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG but Heroes of Rokugan may be.

On Friday night, you can find me helping out at the following AEG board game tournaments: 8pm, Infinite City.  11pm, Isle of Dr Necreaux.  At whatever location such events are held.

Saturday night, will probably find me at L5R’s 15th Anniversary Party (Hilton, Monument Hall, 7-10pm).

Oh, and finding me, I’m Sean Holland.  Heavy set, with graying brown hair worn in a ponytail and glasses.  Odds are wearing an AEG t-shirt.

And that is my schedule.  Hope to catch up with some of you there.


  1. I regret the fact that I live halfway around the world and won’t be able to attend GenCon, but I intend to experience it vicariously through you. 😀

    • I promise to do at least one post worth of GenCon reporting when I get back.

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