The Happy Duck Inn (Petrichor 365)

1 January, 2023

Happy, yes?The Happy Duck is a lower-class inn, far enough from the dock to avoid the worst of the rowdiness from the sailors but not so far as to be a trudge for those disembarking on a new life on Petrichor.  It is a two-story building with a large common room and kitchen on the ground floor with two private (more or less) rooms and quarters for the inn’s staff above.

The building is primarily built from recovered wood from various sources with some new lumber, the cooking stove and the hearth and chimneys are the only parts made from brick.  The floor is earthen with sand pounded into it.  For all that, it is a very solidly built place.  The tables, benches, and a few chairs are also solidly made and lack ornamentation.  There is a small raised platform for entertainers, which the Happy Duck does its best to host most nights.

The Happy Duck is run by Patrice, a large woman with a talent for stew. and her two helpmates, Romish, a skilled hunter who is often out gathering game for the stew pot, and Umber, a Gemkine-blooded man who is in charge of brewing the small beer and ale for the inn, he does not like most people so he keeps out of the way, hauling things as needed.  A rotating cast of people help out of servers and cleaners, the Happy Duck pays fair wages and room and board, but there are fortunes to be made, so they are always looking for honest help.

The Happy Duck offers homemade ale and small beer, with wine (and occasionally harder drinks) for those willing to pay.  A perpetual stew is kept cooking and occasional sausages or other small things are prepared.  Bread and cheese is brought in from local vendors for sale.  Space in the common room is safe and fairly comfortable, the private rooms are mostly secure

The Happy Duck is a place frequented by local teamsters and often used as a staging point for people heading deeper into Petrichor.  It has a good reputation for settlers and several trail masters have started using it as a meeting point.  Those new to the island can get some useful information, some of which may even be reliable, from the patrons.

Notes: First Petrichor 365 entry.  Not sure if every entry will be this size, still a lot of details to work out.

Next Entry: Seramis Threadneedle, Portmaster.

Image Duck photo by Yana Ray and found on all-free-download.com and is in the Public Domain.

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