Six, Gambler (Petrichor 365)

28 January, 2023

Place your betsCome and try your luck, a winner every time!  Come and throw the dice and win some coins!

Where there are people willing to take risks for money and people who have suddenly made too much money, you will usually find gambling.  And one of those gamblers is the enigmatic figure known simply as Six.

Six is a dapperly-dressed individual, of average height with bright blue eyes and dark hair tucked up under a flat cap (or occasionally another type of hat).  If luck has been smiled on them, which it often does, Six will be wearing rings and bracelets won from others but they do not seem to have any such item they are particularly attached to and any such item may be wagered.  A walking stick and satchel complete their accouterment, it is suspected that they carry a hidden weapon or two but this has never been proven.  Six is happy to talk of current events, past games, and local politics, but not about themself.

Six carries dice and cards with them at all times, often a backgammon set, and rarely a set of tiles for gambling with.  If there is a gambling game they do not know, it has yet to be found and Six will play any of them.  Though Six prefers cards if they are playing and dice if they are facilitating the game.

That Six is exceedingly lucky and a skilled player seems self-evident and, while accused on several occasions. no charge of cheating has even been proven.  In fact, Six is generally considered to be so above board and honest in the Port Imperial gambling circles, that they are often hired to act as a dealer in high-stakes games.

If there is gambling going on in Port Imperial, Six knows about it.  But while they know of betting on races and fights, Six personally does not bet on such things but rather only on games they can directly play.  So, if you are interested in such things, Six is a useful contact.

Depending on their current fortunes, Six can be found anywhere in Port Imperial from the lowest dive to the most exclusive inn, but usually in the middle of that spectrum.  Six‘ only quirk is they always stay alone in a private room. at the end of the day.

Notes: Gambling is very common in Port Imperial and some people live off that, sometimes quite well.  And Six does cheat on occasion, but only to lose, they are so very lucky that they fear they will be accused of cheating and so, in an irony they appreciate, they cheat in order to lose more often.

Six was partly inspired by a huckster I once played in Deadlands, who had the (literal) luck of the devil and also cheated to lose at cards.

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Image Faro by J. D. Borthwick, 1851, found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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