Neko and Hund Outfitters (Petrichor 365)

30 January, 2023

Something like thisOn the main road out of Port Imperial -it has actually been paved and runs out through the first gate constructed for the walls that, will eventually, enclose the land side of the city- is a stout building made of mixed stone with iron-bound doors and a slate roof.  The windows are narrow and additionally blocked with iron bars.  A sign above the main door has the silhouette of a cat and a hound above a crossed pick and shovel and on the door is “Neko and Hund Outfitters.

Inside there is a wealth of equipment for those venturing out into the wilds of Petrichor which is why it is built as a fortress, more than one group has attempted to steal a better life from the outfitters.  The shop has everything a farmer, miner, or venturer might need for their travels and to build or acquire their fortune.  Ropes, tools -with a focus on agricultural and mining tools-  bags and containers of all sorts, persevered food, and more!  They can provide anything needed apart from weapons, though many things sold here can be used as weapons.

The shop is run by an unusual pair:

Marineko, or just Neko, one of the Catfolk of Felis Talis and her partner, Archibald Terrance Hund, or just Hund, one of the Dogmen of Altacia.  They met as venturers into the wilds of Petrichor, managed to achieve a moderate score, and then realized that there was as much money in selling goods to venturers as there was in venturing and it is much safer.  So, they used the money from their score to finance the shop, which has been expanded three times so far, and its defenses improved at least than many times.

Neko is a grey-furred catfolk with sparking green eyes, she is light on her feet, and she wears an apron and skirt when working.  She is very knowledgeable of farming techniques and happy to help advise those planning to start their own farm.  Neko is friendly and encouraging to the customers though she rarely recommends anything that she does not think will be needed.  You would not think that she is actually a competent sorceress and quite capable of defending herself and her shop.

Hund is a taciturn individual, answering questions with the minimum of words, not impolite but not overly friendly either, he gives advice when asked otherwise he just selects what he thinks the customer will need for their journey or project.  He is a tall and well-muscled dogman, looking a bit like a husky with pale blue eyes and clothes of touch cloth and leather.  Hund wears a short sword and a stout club at his waist and he is not afraid of using either one.  He was and is a skilled fighter.

They have between two and four assistants, depending on the demands of new arrivals, and there is a small kitchen in the back of the shop and, a slightly cramped, living space above.

The pair of them keep track of expeditions heading out into the wilderness and they have a pretty good idea of where settlements are and have been attempted and can be enticed to share that knowledge.  Any suggestions that Hund and Neko‘s relationship is anything more than just business will be met with howls of derisive laughter, even from the stoic Hund.

Notes: People need to have somewhere to buy venturing supplies from.

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Photo found on PxHere and is in the Public Domain.

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