Timmiz, Lady Crystal (Petrichor 365)

17 January, 2023

A recent arrival to Port Imperial is the enigmatic Timmiz, Lady Crystal, a beautiful older Visse woman.  She is the wife and chosen agent of the Lord Crystal, one of the rulers of the Diamond Clan of the Gemkine (or dwarves, as they are commonly known).

This plus cobra equals Bistsi.Timmiz is a perfectly formed woman but only four feet, seven inches (138cm) tall but she seems much taller, she has a significant presence.  Her hair is a pale blond and worn in a braid that, if not looped up (as she usually does) the tips would almost drag on the ground while her eyes are a lovely shade of indigo.   She is always well dressed, it is an amazing talent. Timmiz always has an air of amused detachment about her but she is always observing and learning.  She prefers to ask questions and see where such inquiries end up.  Timmiz does not talk about herself or her plans, deflecting such inquiry to tourist-like concerns.

She is rarely found without her constant companion, Bistsi, a white-furred Cobra-CatBistsi is completely loyal to her mistress and fully alert to any danger. Her other traveling companion is Ysondre, a lovely half-elven woman, who Timmez introduces as her maid.  Ysondre also acts as a bodyguard and information gatherer for Lady Crystal.  She can be quite sharp to those who bother her but Ysandre usually lets Timmez take the lead in social situations.

Timmez has arrived in Port Imperial in pursuit of her eventual objective as part of that task, she is seeking information on any lost Earthkine settlements.  She is willing to pay for such information or hire people to pursue finding such places.  Her funds for such are considerable but she only pays for results. She is usually found in one of the Gemkine-owned inns, such as the Bashful Peacock or the Four Emeralds, listening to stories and hoping to find trustworthy venturers to investigate for her.

Notes: Timmez has shown up in several of my games, hiring characters to serve as her escorts or to investigate dangerous things for her.  She is a highly competent sorceress-spy in her own right and Ysandre is a skilled spy and bodyguard, though they seek never to reveal these talents in public, preferring to work through others.

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Image from PxHere and is used under a Creative Commons 0 Public Domain license.

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