Nodens Vors, Mad Prophet (Petrichor 365)

19 January, 2023

Yes, it is John Brown.If one spends time in the markets, one will inevitably encounter a large man with an impressive beard and wild eyes who is speaking about . . . THINGS TO COME!  (Yes, he really does speak in all caps.)

No one is quite sure when he arrived in Port Imperial only that he did arrive on a ship, the Port authorities are quite firm on that point.  Some wags have even suggested that he is the reason that Port Imperial is getting a wall.

Nodens Vors is tall, standing an impressive six foot, three inches tall (190.5cm).  Though one cannot easily tell under his ill-fitting robe, he is well-muscled and covered in scars and esoteric tattoos.  His full beard is a mix of grey and white as is his long and tangled hair. 

In the mornings, he works at the docks, loading and unloading.  He is known and respected by the teamster for his strength and work ethic and, if you ask them, he never talks on the job unless it is absolutely necessary.

In the afternoon and early evening, Nodens visits the markets, loudly sharing his visions with all who will listen.  They are, broadly, warnings of doom, death, and destruction, all the good Ds.  Occasionally, but not rarely enough for those subject to them, he will see someone and be stuck with a vision about the future the person.  He will warn them of coming dangers and how best they can be avoided.  Unfortunately, his large frame and massive voice then to make the person being warned so uncomfortable and afraid that they miss the warning!  The few times the warning has been noted, it does seem to have actually come about.

The merchants tolerate his presence, mostly because any attempt to get rid of him have gone disastrously, and absurdly, wrong.  After the third attempt to chase him off ended when a seagull crashed into one of the thugs and knocked him into the way of a coming dung wagon.  He was not killed but briefly, he wished he had been.

If you can catch him in the right mood, usually just around the evening twilight, he is a wealth of information on esoteric subjects and strange cults.  Though he will never elaborate on where his knowledge comes from or what his past is.  Nodens will accept charity in the form of food or books, but he does not drink alcohol nor will he take money.

By mid-evening, he is gone.  No one knows where he sleeps and no one has ever claimed to have found its location.  With the dawn, he is at the docks, ready for another morning of work.

Those that have listened to him and watched him are fairly sure that he is fluent in the major dialects of the Earthkine and Gemkine languages as well as Sailor’s Argot and possibly one or two other languages as well.

Notes: Potentially a useful contact to cultivate, certainly a good way to foreshadow a future threat either to a group or a particular character.  Who or what is he really?  Don’t ask me, man, I didn’t do it.

Petrichor 365 – Port Imperial.  Previous Entry: The Four Emeralds.   Next Entry: Cassion Nock, Fletcher

Image edited from Tragic Prelude, in the Kansas State Capitol, by John Steuart Curry, found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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