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The Giant’s Sword (Petrichor 365)

3 January, 2023

Swords?  Stones?  Where have I heard that before?The Giant’s Sword is a mystery, it was not there when Port Imperial was established then, one day, it was.  It is a sword scaled for use by a giant of the tempests, a good nine feet (2.75m) of blade and hilt emerge from the stone into which the remainder of the blade is embedded at a slight angle.  It was quickly roped off by the Imperial forces and signs posted, in multiple languages, warning people not to touch it.

They were quickly ignored.  The first few people who tried to pry it free were found either electrocuted or frozen to death, possibly both, and it claims at least a life every other week as someone tries to wrench it free or break the stone around it or use magic to shift it.  All have failed and those who have tried have been, at best, horribly injured. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Crossroad Compass

3 January, 2023

Which way?Voddick polished the finely wrought brass and steel compass with great care.  Gollaon looked on, “You know a magic worker will be able to do more with it than you.”

“And they can buy it from me, at it full value, if they wish to do so,” replied Voddick, tucking it away in a padded pouch.

“Should I start looking for buyers?”


Crossroad Compass

These items are exceptionally made, carefully and precisely aligned and construction to the best mechanical and magical alignment of purpose.

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