The Four Emeralds Inn (Petrichor 365)

18 January, 2023

Something like this.When you come across a building that is made almost entirely of stone in Port Imperial, you can bet that it is either Imperial or Gemkine work.  In the case of the Four Emeralds, it is the Earthkine, a group of Clan Emerald venturers, all cousins, pool the money they had made, some on Petrichor, some elsewhere, and built the Four Emeralds.  It is a solid three stories of well-mortared stone from a local quarry (also owned by members of Clan Emerald, as it happens).

Above the main doors are four large panes of green glass, each marked with the name of one of the founder’s names in Gemkine runes, arranged in an X.  The other windows of the inn, all composed of multiple small panes of glass in a lead frame, each has four green panes among the clear glass.  It is a very distinctive building.

The inn features a large common room with a large fireplace and many tables and chairs, all imported and solidly built from hardwood, on the ground floor.  The inn has one of the best selections of local beers and ales as well as a cellar of wine and harder liquors.  The food is mostly simple but filling and made from high-quality stocks, though the occasional exotic dish appears as hunters or fishermen bring in something usual.  The kitchen is below the ground floor with multiple dumbwaiters to deliver food to the common room as well as a dedicated set to take meals up to the higher floors.

The first floor is all private rooms for rent, all well appointed with fine locks.  The second floor has two large rooms for groups, practical and safe.  Additionally, the rooms for the staff are here behind locked doors.

Of four emeralds, three are usually here at any time:

Taval and Vashal Emeraldshield, brothers, they are in charge of making sure supplies from outside arrive safely at the inn and take turns at that task.

Savalia Greensteel, the organized core of the Inn, she handles all of the orders and paperwork.  Slender for one of the Earthkine, she wears her green-black hair short and practical clothes.  She can often be found helping in the kitchens in the early evening and trading stories with the patrons after dinner.

“Bolt” Malachite, a retired sharpshooter with the Clan’s army, then a venturer, and now the brewmaster at the Four Emeralds.  He occasionally entertains the guest with trick shooting displays.  He is a little shorter than the average Earthkine and missing the little finger of his left hand.  Bolt wears a casual variant of his military gear, including mail, when working.

The staff is primarily Gemkine but they will employ anyone honest who is willing to work hard.

The Four Emeralds is known as a merchant’s inn and is favored for those doing business in Port Imperial.

Notes: The other top-end inn of Port Imperial, it is more of a place of business as opposed to the House of Seven Clocks, which is more of a place for tourists and travelers.

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Image edited from one found on picryl (and sourced from the Library of Congress) which is in the Public Domain.

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