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Damoiselle Yillalla of House Hazsolai (Petrichor 365)

13 January, 2023

She pays well.The Draconic House Hazsolai (“Highest Lightning“) is, like most of the Draconic Houses, seeking to learn more of Petrichor and to lay claim to what valuable lands it can.  It has been using members and agents of the house along with hired explorers to learn more about the land.

The young Yillalla has proven to be one of the more aggressive and effective organizers of hired explorers among the Hazsolai contingent.  She has an excellent eye for talent and has proved adept at offering the right incentives to those she hires.

Yillalla is a slender woman of not exceptional height (5’6″/168cm), her long black hair is usually tied back and occasionally sparks with electricity, her skin is dusky and her eyes are a piercing electric blue.  She dresses well and fashionably, usually covering such with a plain, heavy cloak.  Yillalla also wears tasteful jewelry, probably magical, and several daggers (along with at least one concealed dagger).  She has a soft voice and a polite manner, always happy to let others take to lead in conversation which she will then try to steer in the direction she wishes.

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Squared Circle (Petrichor 365)

13 January, 2023

The Squared Circle is a tavern, gymnasium. and fighting ring, all in one, it is a popular place among combative types.  The fighting ring does not host fights to the death, it is a place for sparring, training and testing, with a side of entertainment.

Keep fitThe building is heavily built, using some heavy timbers from ships that must have been a challenge to haul for the outer walls.  The interior is focused on the ring in the center with tables around it, along one wall are barrels for beer and ale and racks for wine.

During the day, half of the room is cleared of tables and various pieces of training gear are brought out, it is very martial focused so there are training dummies and quintain-like devices, targets and steps, and racks of practice weaponry and shields (which become decorations around the walls in the evening).  It has a good community of people who drop by during the day to get some sparring and exercise in, and then take a bath in the baths next door (with which the Squared Circle has a reciprocal arrangement). Read the rest of this entry ?

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