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Seramis Threadneedle, Portmaster (Petrichor 365)

2 January, 2023

Ships in the harbourWithout the port, there would be no Port Imperial and the man who makes sure that the port works, is the Portmaster Seramis Threadneedle.

Seramis is a stoutly built Visse in his middle age, he wears his weight as a mark of pride, Seramis is someone who can afford to be well-fed and is not ashamed of it.  His wardrobe also reflects his status, usually, he is found in a well-tailored suit of hard-wearing but expensive cloth, and he is fond of checkered patterns.  His neck-length chestnut hair is tied in a queue with a ribbon, more oftimes than not, a black one (that his hair should be greying and that he is coloring it, is not a wise subject to bring up).  His eyes are of a grey-blue color and rarely reveal much of what he is thinking.

Seramis is well-read and very perceptive, but he plays the role of the good fellow, standing drinks and sharing meals.  Seramis perfers not to be seen as a threat but as a friend to all and a facilitator.  His bodyguards are adept at fading into the background until needed.

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