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The Four Emeralds Inn (Petrichor 365)

18 January, 2023

Something like this.When you come across a building that is made almost entirely of stone in Port Imperial, you can bet that it is either Imperial or Gemkine work.  In the case of the Four Emeralds, it is the Earthkine, a group of Clan Emerald venturers, all cousins, pool the money they had made, some on Petrichor, some elsewhere, and built the Four Emeralds.  It is a solid three stories of well-mortared stone from a local quarry (also owned by members of Clan Emerald, as it happens).

Above the main doors are four large panes of green glass, each marked with the name of one of the founder’s names in Gemkine runes, arranged in an X.  The other windows of the inn, all composed of multiple small panes of glass in a lead frame, each has four green panes among the clear glass.  It is a very distinctive building. Read the rest of this entry ?

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