Cassion Nock, Fletcher (Petrichor 365)

21 January, 2023

Many things are needed by venturers, food, water, weapons, so much other gear and, of course, arrows.  The small shop of Cassion Nock, he took the family name as a nod to his craft, Arrows for sale!which sells arrows, bolts, and darts for all sorts of bows and other projectile weapons.  The fireplace has a small forge for finishing arrowheads and dark points.

The building holding his shop is three stories, the third having been slightly haphazardously added after the initial construction, made of reclaimed wood with a brick chimney.  The front door is decorated with carved arrows and bolts and leads into a ground floor workroom and showroom with barrels and racks of finished arrows, bolts, and darts and even more in the process of being made.

The first floor is the living quarter for Cassion and his wife Zivi and their two infant daughters.  The second floor was added to house the now three apprentices and one maid.  Everyone contributes to the making of the stock on some level (apart from the infants) as the demand seems never-ending.

Cassion is a tall Visse (standing almost four feet (120cm) tall with short cut hair, once brown now mostly grey, and happy blue-grey eyes.  He is always doing something with his hands, usually finishing an arrow.  Cassion is a cheerful fellow, but overworked, he occasionally snaps at his apprentices but always apologizes afterward.  He loves hearing tales of adventure but no longer has any wish to go on one.  Cassion is also deeply in love with his wife and willing to work himself into an early grave to provide for her and their daughters.

Zivi is a shorter half-Earthkine woman who is good at all sorts of crafts, able to make or repair almost any household thing.  She has also become very adept at fletching arrows.  She is happy with her life but wishes that Cassion would not work so hard.  Zivi is very protective of her children.

The three apprentices are Nero, a young man who has big plans for the future, building a nest egg toward equipment to become a venturer.  Jevvi, a Visse girl who is a cousin of Cassion, who would rather be making dresses and tries to learn useful skills from Zivi but is very good as making arrows.  And Conser, the newest and youngest apprentice who is trying so hard to master the skills but is only given the most basic of tasks.

Oriel, the household maid of all work, is a middle-aged woman who is still not sure how she ended up in Port Imperial.  She is very good at what she does but is lazy and would rather be gossiping than working.

If you are in need of arrows or bolts, Cassion will have them for you.  It has also become an expert at making shafts for strange arrowheads, making shafts from unusual woods. and fletching from exotic feathers.  His best arrow are not magical but they are fine enough to be enchanted.

Notes: Venturer need more arrows as surely as night follows day.

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Photo from PXHere and is in the Public Domain.

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