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The Tower of Savose Greenoak, Mage of the Country (Petrichor 365)

9 January, 2023

Outside of the commonly accepted boundaries of Port Imperial, and outside of the new wall being built, is the tower of Savose Greenoak, an elfin wizard who specializes in the magic of nature and the countryside.  It was built and grown over the course of a season soon after Petrichor was opened to exploration.

Fruit from the orchardIt is a unique structure for the area standing among gardens and small orchards the border of which are marked by a low stone wall that would barely slow an intruder but serve their purpose.  Those who would wish to steal from it feel that they are being watched and may be deterred and those that are truly hungry, Savose will share some of the bounty of their garden with, once per season, after that, they will be turned away to find their own way.  The gardens cannot sustain the whole city but it can help an unfortunate to survive one more day.

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