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Cassion Nock, Fletcher (Petrichor 365)

21 January, 2023

Many things are needed by venturers, food, water, weapons, so much other gear and, of course, arrows.  The small shop of Cassion Nock, he took the family name as a nod to his craft, Arrows for sale!which sells arrows, bolts, and darts for all sorts of bows and other projectile weapons.  The fireplace has a small forge for finishing arrowheads and dark points.

The building holding his shop is three stories, the third having been slightly haphazardously added after the initial construction, made of reclaimed wood with a brick chimney.  The front door is decorated with carved arrows and bolts and leads into a ground floor workroom and showroom with barrels and racks of finished arrows, bolts, and darts and even more in the process of being made. Read the rest of this entry ?

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