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The Port Guard (Petrichor 365)

24 January, 2023

Watching you?The Port Guard are the closest thing Port Imperial has to a constabulary but even they primarily serve as the enforcement arm of the Imperial Bureaucracy that oversees the actual port of Port Imperial, keeping ships safe and making sure that the proper taxes and fees are paid.

Their numbers have grown over time from an initial force of twelve to seventy-five or so now.  They are glorified civil servants, not soldiers, though the Imperial forces give they weapon training weekly at Fort Ajzure, their role is to watch and intimidate and fight only if necessary. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Knockabout Knuckledusters

24 January, 2023

That's gonna hurtGollaon winched as the thug went down to a vicious blow to the jaw.

Voddick disabled another with a stomp to the foot.  The rest fled in panic.

“Well done,” said Gollaon, “you dispatched those ruffians with alacrity.”

“Your friend looked ready for a fight and there were six of them,” she replied, slipping the knuckle dusters off her hand.  “And I did not want to see your pretty face scarred.”

Knockabout Knuckledusters

These weapons are knuckle dusters and are almost always made in pairs and can be plain or fancy but are usually plain and practical, weapons for thugs and scrappers, not knights and nobles.

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Thata Iccei, Bodyguard for Hire (Petrichor 365)

24 January, 2023

Closer than I was expecting to find.Many travelers who come to Port Imperial do not appreciate how dangerous it is until they arrive.  There are many professional bodyguards happy to offer their services to such frightened people.  One of the reputable ones is Thata Iccei.

Thata Iccei come to Petrichor as part of a group seeking their fortunes, but she returned to Port Imperial bloodied and alone, and decided to just make a comfortable living in Port Imperial.  She still has nightmares about what happened to her and her allies in the wilderness and refuses to talk about it. Read the rest of this entry ?

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