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The Happy Duck Inn (Petrichor 365)

1 January, 2023

Happy, yes?The Happy Duck is a lower-class inn, far enough from the dock to avoid the worst of the rowdiness from the sailors but not so far as to be a trudge for those disembarking on a new life on Petrichor.  It is a two-story building with a large common room and kitchen on the ground floor with two private (more or less) rooms and quarters for the inn’s staff above.

The building is primarily built from recovered wood from various sources with some new lumber, the cooking stove and the hearth and chimneys are the only parts made from brick.  The floor is earthen with sand pounded into it.  For all that, it is a very solidly built place.  The tables, benches, and a few chairs are also solidly made and lack ornamentation.  There is a small raised platform for entertainers, which the Happy Duck does its best to host most nights.

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