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The Oath Stone (Petrichor 365)

15 January, 2023

Just a stone?In the Grand Market of Port Imperial, there is a plain, flat-topped stone.  The area around it has been cobbled and there is low rope barrier around it.

At first glance, there is nothing special about the stone but if you ask anyone in the market about it, they will tell you that an oath sworn upon the stone is binding.  Not just in the usual way, relying upon the honor of the people involved and legal enforcement but in an indescribable mystical way.

Most major business agreements by the merchants of the grand market are sworn here, many times in low voices so as not to be overheard, sometimes shouted publically so that all will know.

If one asks, they would say it has been a market tradition as long as there has been a market (all four to five years it has existed).  There are very few people around who were there when the market was founded.

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