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Lofan’s Tea Cart (Petrichor 365)

6 January, 2023

Cup of tea?For those just arriving in Port Imperial, one of the first things they may encounter is the tea cart of Lofan which serves tea and snacks, at a reasonable price, to those just off the ships’  Lofan provides a friendly face and can offer directions, and flyers, to places to stay, get a meal or any of a dozen more common requests.

The tea cart is a well build wooden push cart decorated with bells and colorful ribbons that contains a big samovar along with snacks, other supplies, flyers for various concerns (that pay Lofan a small fee for each costumer they direct), and occasionally other things.  Lofan also trades in rumors and information, that trade is actually more lucrative at times than the tea. Read the rest of this entry ?


Jan ’23 Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#82)

6 January, 2023

En garde!Welcome to the future!  Hope that 2023 is going well for everyone so far.  With the ticking over of the year, my Shadowrun campaign moves in 2080.

If you are in the North Georgia (US) area join us for a live game at Tyche’s Games this coming Saturday (7 Jan)!  Come and join in, new players welcome.

Did get some Shadowrun in since the last report, the live game going off well (see what Gina A thought of the event).  And played in a New Year’s themed game in NorCal, where corporate misdeeds were punished!

More news from Seattle and beyond in the Seattle Scream (#82)!   Continuing some stories for the last Scream and, maybe, setting up some adventures.

Finally finished that review of Hack & Slash, the new Shadowrun Matrix book.

Notes: Photo is in the Public Domain.

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