Arrun the Fisher (Petrichor 365)

28 January, 2023

Teach a man to fish . . .Things are always busy on the docks, even at night, but one of the constants is Arrun the Fisher.  He arrived on a small boat, badly damaged from a storm, and just stayed.

Arrun is of average height and thin but is stronger than he looks.  His clothes are worn and his greying brown hair hangs to his neck.  His eyes are grey-blue and often have a faraway look to them.   Arrun always has a couple of knives on his person, several fishing poles, a basket, and a couple of small nets.  Sometime while he is fishing he will produce a pipe and some shag and have a smoke, such is usually a sign that he is in a good mood.Every morning, Arrun is up with the Sun, rain or shine, and heads down to one section of the docks or another to fish.  On some rare days, he goes into the surf netting crabs or other shellfish.  Arrun always is successful in his fishing or netting, he works until his basket is full, sell them in the market using the money to buy lunch and a beer, and returns for more fishing until it begins to get dark.  He then takes his catch to a tavern or inn and trades it for dinner and beer, he stays until he has finished his beers and then returns home to start all over again.

Arrun lives in a small shack on the edge of the docks, made from the boat he arrived in and various bits of recovered wood.

While he never talks about where he is from or his part, he is happy to talk fishing and crabbing with anyone who wants to discuss such things.  Arrun will also tell tall tales, or are they?, about his exploits fishing all over the Sea of Stars and the fishes he caught or almost caught.

Notes: Is there more to Arrun than meets the eye?  Almost certainly.  But what is it?  That is for each person to decide for their world.  Anywhere there is fishing, he could show up, he is always up for a new challenge . . . for fishing.

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Image from PublicDomainPictures.net and, shockingly, is in the Public Domain.

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