Damoiselle Yillalla of House Hazsolai (Petrichor 365)

13 January, 2023

She pays well.The Draconic House Hazsolai (“Highest Lightning“) is, like most of the Draconic Houses, seeking to learn more of Petrichor and to lay claim to what valuable lands it can.  It has been using members and agents of the house along with hired explorers to learn more about the land.

The young Yillalla has proven to be one of the more aggressive and effective organizers of hired explorers among the Hazsolai contingent.  She has an excellent eye for talent and has proved adept at offering the right incentives to those she hires.

Yillalla is a slender woman of not exceptional height (5’6″/168cm), her long black hair is usually tied back and occasionally sparks with electricity, her skin is dusky and her eyes are a piercing electric blue.  She dresses well and fashionably, usually covering such with a plain, heavy cloak.  Yillalla also wears tasteful jewelry, probably magical, and several daggers (along with at least one concealed dagger).  She has a soft voice and a polite manner, always happy to let others take to lead in conversation which she will then try to steer in the direction she wishes.

She is always looking in the inns and taverns of Port Imperial for skilled and trustworthy people to venture into the interior of Petrichor and locate the truth of various rumors she has heard.  As a scion of House Hazozai, she offers good pay (and will pay it on success) and can be convinced to provide expedition gear and supplies.  Yillalla has a good ear for rumors and access to a variety of informants and so knows about most venturers who had deeds attached to their names.

Yillalla is always accompanied by a bodyguard, or rarely two, provided by her House.  She rotates through bodyguards at a surprising rate, rarely seen escorted by the same guards from week to week.

For reasons that are her own, Yillalla spends a great deal of time trying to protect her cousin Foskle.

Notes: While Yillalla certainly has some dragon blood in her, how much and what her powers and talents are, have never been fully explored.  After all, money is a power all its own and one she is happy the wield.

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Image edited from one found on Good Free Photos and is in the Public Domain.

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