Timmeri Blackstaff. Wizard-Sage (Petrichor 365)

14 January, 2023

A tower not entirely unlike this one.Timmeri Blackstaff is an enigma, while it is known he is a wizard, a sage, and a philosopher, and his home is the Borusa, the City of Scholars.  It is unknown if he is an exile, newly independent, or an agent for one (or more) of the library-towers of his home city.

Blackstaff built a library-tower of his own with a good view of the docks roughly a year after Port Imperial was founded.  The tower is four stories tall and smooth wizard-created stone.  The ground floor is windowless but has an iron door, the upper floors have narrow windows that are additionally protected by bars.  An iron trap door provides access to the top which is sheltered by a wooden roof.

Unsurprisingly, Blackstaff dresses as a scholar-wizard with ornate robes.  He is an older man with black hair and a neatly trimmed goatee, his eyes are dark blue.  He indeed does have a black staff, made of mirror-polished ebony and tipped with silver which he uses as a focus for his magic.  His is found of demonstrating his erudition with an exotic and esoteric vocabulary of the spoken word (his writings are much the same as well).

He is usually accompanied by Roland, his assistant and first apprentice, who is in his teens and very eager to learn more of the magical arts.  He is a bit thin with rumpled brown hair, brown eyes, and a much simpler robe than his master.  Roland is oftimes sent to fetch and carry by his master.

Blackstaff is gathering what information he can about the magical history of Petrichor and will pay for information about such but even more for physical artifacts that reveal information about the unusual magics at play on the island.  He rarely organizes expeditions himself, preferring to interview venturers and explorers who have seen, encountered, and, hopefully, brought back items of a magical nature.  Blackstaff is willing to trade knowledge for knowledge and is quite adept at working out the nature of magical objects.

Notes: Again, a character who has made a brief appearance in play.  A useful resource for matters magical.

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Photo by Petra Bubníková and found on PublicDomainPictures.net, it is, naturally, in the Public Domain.

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