Thata Iccei, Bodyguard for Hire (Petrichor 365)

24 January, 2023

Closer than I was expecting to find.Many travelers who come to Port Imperial do not appreciate how dangerous it is until they arrive.  There are many professional bodyguards happy to offer their services to such frightened people.  One of the reputable ones is Thata Iccei.

Thata Iccei come to Petrichor as part of a group seeking their fortunes, but she returned to Port Imperial bloodied and alone, and decided to just make a comfortable living in Port Imperial.  She still has nightmares about what happened to her and her allies in the wilderness and refuses to talk about it.

She is a tall woman (5’11″/ 180cm) and tightly muscled, she wears a mail shirt over a buff coat, leather skirt, and heavy boots.  Her blond hair is worn short and spiked with lime and her grey eyes are usually narrowed, looking for trouble.  She does not speak more than she has to on duty and is only a little more talkative off duty.  Thata carried a brass-bound staff, with a short sword and sling on her belt along with several daggers and knuckle-dusters both obvious and concealed.

Under those mostly concealing clothes, Thata‘s body is covered in scars and tattoos.  The tattoos commemorate her allies and her adventures, disastrous as they were, as well as some of the things that have happened to her as a bodyguard.  Because of the tattoos, she only goes to a public bath when accompanying a client and, even then, she tries to avoid disrobing.  Thata prefers to only share the tattoos with her lovers and her ghosts.

Thata has an excellent knowledge of the city and does her best to steer her charges away from trouble before it starts.  “The best fight is the one you do not get into,” is her bodyguarding philosophy.  Of course, Thata has a reputation as a scrapper who will not give up or abandon her employer, which means most local thugs know to avoid her, it simply is not worth the cost to try and rip her or her employer off.   But, if she is paid, Thata will take her employer wherever they want to go in the city, but she only works in Port Imperial, not beyond, she is done with the wilderness.

When not working, Thata parties hard, spending money like water on drinks, games, and companionship.  She never saves and is always looking for work once her current contract is ended.  Still, a good person to know, and she if happy to recommend those who have proved themselves as trustworthy friends to people hiring for missions outside of the city.

Notes: Not all venturers are successful and those who are not turn to other jobs.

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Photo Jeanne d’Arc by onkami found on DeviantArt and belongs to its creator, used with implied permission (“Share, pin, comment if you like!”).

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