Lofan’s Tea Cart (Petrichor 365)

6 January, 2023

Cup of tea?For those just arriving in Port Imperial, one of the first things they may encounter is the tea cart of Lofan which serves tea and snacks, at a reasonable price, to those just off the ships’  Lofan provides a friendly face and can offer directions, and flyers, to places to stay, get a meal or any of a dozen more common requests.

The tea cart is a well build wooden push cart decorated with bells and colorful ribbons that contains a big samovar along with snacks, other supplies, flyers for various concerns (that pay Lofan a small fee for each costumer they direct), and occasionally other things.  Lofan also trades in rumors and information, that trade is actually more lucrative at times than the tea.

Lofan came to Petrichor to make their fortune but after one too many near-death experiences, they retired to Port Imperial to make a fortune in a different way.  Getting money from other venturers instead.

Lofan is a remarkably average person with black hair, cut at should length and tied back, and brown eyes.  They walk with a slight limp that never seems to slow them down  Lofan dresses practically in loose clothing, letting the tea cart itself attract all the attention.   They are skilled in asking leading questions and drawing information out of people in casual conversation.

After work, Lofan can often be found in one of the gambling houses where they play various low-stakes tile games, breaking even most days.  “It is all the excitement I want these days.”

If one wishes to know what is happening on the docks, or if someone disembarked, Lofan is an excellent contact to cultivate.  Those that earn Lofan trust and friendship will be directed to the inns and taverns that give the best service rather than the best kickbacks.  (Unsurprisingly, Lofan is one of Portmaster Threadneedle‘s many informants.)

Notes: Just a quick entry for a colorful, if slightly mysterious, character to be met.

Petrichor 365 – Port Imperial.  Previous Entry: Konrad Rubyheart, Consulting Alchemist   Next Entry: Penitant’s Road.

Image Still Life. Samovar. by Pyotr Konchalovsky found on WikiArt and is in the Public Domain.

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