Random people on the streets of Port Imperial (Petrichor 365)

22 January, 2023

Inspired by the Daydreaming About Dragons podcast about Markets everywhererandom tables, though I would put together some for random people you might meet on the streets of Port Imperial.

Who do you bump into in a crowd?

A. What kine are they? d12

1-6 One of the multitude (Human)
7-10 Known Kine (Earthkine, Gemkine, Visse)
11 Distant Kine (Beastkine)
12 What are you again?  (Dragonborn, Giantblooded, Hellions)

B. How long have they been here?  d10

1 Just off the boat  (skip Table C)
2-5 Weeks (use a d4 for Table C)
6-9 Months
10 Years

C. How far have they traveled in Petrichor?  d6

1 Just in the city
2-3 Days outside the city
4-5 Weeks outside the city
6 Months outside the city 

D. What are they looking for? d10

1 Escape (from bondage, debt, obligation . . .) (Use d8 for Table E)
2 A new place to live with a home of their own
3-6 Fortune!  And to return home
7-9 Fortune!  And start a new life
10 Something esoteric or existential (Faith, Knowledge, Peace of Mind . . .)

F. How prepared are they?  d10

1 A sharp stick and my wits!
2-6 Basic equipment for their purpose 
7-9 Well equipped for their purpose
10 Overequipped for their purpose

G. Current attitude d6

1 Determined
2 Excited
3 Nervous / Afraid
4 Blasé
5 Upset / Angry
6 Overwhelmed / Bewildered

Example: In the grand marketplace you turn and bump into (10) one of the Gemkine (a dwarf) who has been here for (5) weeks, (4) most of it they have spent venturing outside the city, (7) they are seeking a fortune to start a new life with and they are (5) sufficiently equipped for that task, they (3) are startled and look around in a worried manner.  So. putting it togeteher, a Gemkine miner who has come looking for a big score in the local hills and mountains, found something valuable and is worried that it will be taken from them.

Notes: I think between D and E, you can get a good idea about possible professions.  But if you think things should be expanded let me know.

Petrichor 365.  Previous Cassion Nock.  Next Lucian’s Baths (tables above also good for random bathers)

Image Roman Fish Market, found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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