Fort Ajzure, the Imperial Stronghold (Petrichor 365)

4 January, 2023

Watching you from on highWhile still called Fort Imperial by many, the imperial stronghold above Port Imperial has been officially renamed by the Empress after its first (and current) commander, Captain Ajzure, much to her annoyance.

Only the Imperial docks predate the fort which was built with immense rapidity and, if rumors are true, by the use of powerful sorcery.  Some rumors even say that the Empress raised the fort purely by magic in a single day but there are no reliable witnesses to that act who are talking.

Taking over the entirety of the highest hill that overlooks both the harbor and the strip of land that has grown into Port Imperial, the fortress is a constant reminder of Imperial power and watchfulness.  The heart of the Imperial administration and military presence is safely tucked away inside but both are quite limited and the area inside the fortification could easily house ten or even fifty times the number of people currently serving there.

The Imperial docks, made of stone and protected with strong points, are directly under one side of the fort and a fortified switchback and a set of heavy winches move supplies from one to the other.  Rarely a week goes by without a new shipment arriving and it has been noted that the fort must be well enough stocked by now to survive a multiyear siege.

Beyond barracks, training grounds, administrative offices, deep warehouses, and skyship docks, the fort contains the lavishly appointed palace (named “Stormhaven“) of the Imperial satrap, who is still to arrive, even after more than a year after the announcement that one will be appointed.

Fort Ajzure is known to currently house a unit of the Empress’ Immortal Guard and an ad hoc formation of Imperial Marine that rotates with some frequency.   A unit of Imperial Engineers maintains the fort and the heavy weapons mounted on its walls.   Additionally, it is home to the offices of the Imperial Bureaucracy, and many of the junior bureaucrats live here to save money, and the Port Guard, technically under the bureaucracy, are quartered here as well though not as well as the Imperial military forces (to some friction between the two groups).  Lastly, there is the staff of the Satrap’s palace who are keeping it in perfect readiness for the Satrap’s arrival.

The road leading out of the fort on the side away from the port has acquired the nickname of the Petitant’s Road.

Notes: Captain Ajzure, of the Empress’ Immortal Guard, has shown up in play in the following games: “Of Rifts and Ruins” and “Of Siroccos and Skyskiffs

Petrichor 365 – Port Imperial.  Previous Entry: The Giant’s Sword.   Next Entry: Konrad Rubyheart, Consulting Alchemist.

Photo Edinburgh Castle by kolibri5 found on needpix.com and is in the Public Domain.

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