Lucian’s Baths (Petrichor 365)

22 January, 2023

Take a bath.Lucian’s Baths are not the only baths in Port Imperial but they are the finest.  Lucian arrived within the first year of the establishment of Port Imperial with financing and marble.  Within days after his arrival he had marked out land and began construction on the bath and a small aqueduct to feed them.

Since then, the bath has slowly expanded and improved, the baths and floors have always been stone but the upper structure has been wood and improved to stone, though the roofs have always been tiles over wooden frames.

The current version has a large warm pool for communal use and two wings, one for men and one for women, each with its own hot and cold pool.  There is a large exercise yard, a place for massages, and a steam room.  The staff is well-trained and efficient and the bathhouse is kept clean and safe, patrons need not worry about their things being stolen while they are bathing.  The bath uses elemental magic to heat and ensure the cleanliness of the water.

The bathhouse bears an Imperial rondel and is a favored place for the Imperial soldiery to come to relax.  (They have a bathhouse at Fort Ajzure but it not as extensive or such a hotbed of local gossip.)

Lucian has been cooped by the local government and does not spend as much time overseeing the baths as he would like as he is currently expanding the aqueduct system that brings water into Port Imperial.

Lucian is a middle-aged man in good health, he has gone mostly bald, but his grey eyes are clear and piercing.  He is a man on the move, always thinking about the next project while working on the current one.  Lucian is a superb architect and engineer but it is the success of the baths that makes him most happy.

The baths are an excellent place to get clean, relax and catch up on the gossip and rumors of Port Imperial.

Notes: Inspired by Thermae Romae Novae and the need to have some good baths in Port Imperial.  Lucian and the baths were financed by the Empress but this is not public knowledge.

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Photo by Kevin Casper, found on PublicDomainPictires.net and is in the Public Domain.

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