Tarrian – Guide and Raconteur

28 August, 2009

Just getting this in under the wire.  One of my favorite NPCs from my first campaign:

Tarrian, Catfolk Guide and Raconteur

Quote: Gentlefolk, are you in need of a guide to our fair city?  I am most adept in such a task, from the highest art to the basest pleasure, I can insure you find what you need.

Description: He is a catfolk (yes, an anthropomorphic cat) of above average height and slender.  Tarrian’s body is covered in short silvery-blue fur, occasionally showing though his fur is a set of blood-red stones that are attached to his body at various points.  His eyes are a bright emerald green and his graceful tail has a kink in it, indicating that he is lucky (a fact to which he would readily agree).

Tarrian wears a leather kilt and a harness to hang his twined sword and dagger.  He wraps his feet and wears a cloak in cold weather but otherwise varies his dress little, unless formality is required.  He wears jewelry based on what he has acquired lately but it cycles through as he sells it off and gains new pieces.

Background: Raised among his kin of Felix Talis, home of the catfolk race, Tarrian learned both swordplay and acrobatics.  Like many others, he decided to seek his fortune out among the Sea of Stars.

Tarrian fell in with an adventuring party, the Six Daggers, which was quite successful until they decided to rob the tomb of an arch-wizard-philosopher.  Tarrian turned out to be the lucky one of the group, he survived, trapped in a mirror, his companions were all killed.  He was rescued by a later party of venturers.

This brought Tarrian, after a few more adventures, to Taren Kost where he established himself as a guide to the city, especially the more interesting sections there of.  He has gathered contacts at all levels of society, especially in the entertainment district, and works close with his partner Escher to provide what people want.

Presenting this Character: Tarrian is rather happy-go-lucky fellow, trusting that his skill and good luck to get out of any trouble that comes up.  He is gregarious and charming, friendly and open, and always looking for a way to make a few more coins.

He has contacts and can find just about anything for anyone, given time and funds.  Tarrian does not boast or promise but implies, insinuates and puts the word out.  While he likes money, there are some lines he will not cross (no slavery, no murder).

What can he do?: Tarrian is an excellent acrobat, dancer and swashbuckler.  For defense, he relies on his speed and the magical protection provided by the magical blood gems implanted into his skin.

He can also talk the leg off a mule when it is needed, but he is happy to let others lead the conversation (they tend to want things that he can then acquire for them that way).  He has an every expanding web of contacts both licit and illicit, able to make connections between interested parties.  He has also acquired a superb knowledge of the byways and back ways of Taren Kost.

Who might know him and why: Like any of the catfolk, he is willing to give one of his cousins from Felix Talis the benefit of the doubt and help them, once.  Or more if they prove trustworthy.

Anyone in Taren Kost, especially the underworldish side, could have dealt with him in passing or as part of a deal Tarrian brokered.

He could have served as a guide to anyone having visited Taren Kost recently.

Plot Hooks: If the characters need a guide for Tarren Kost, Tarrian is available, for a small fee.

One of Tarrian’s clients has gotten into trouble with a criminal gang and has ended up agreeing to a fight (not to the death, but to a bloody end) so he needs a ‘team’ to fight with him.  The pay is good but they will have to put up with a whiny client and a rival team that fights dirty.

If the characters need something unusual acquired, perhaps a magic item, Tarrian may just be the person they need to talk to set up a meet with some who can provide it.

Oh, and a raconteur, someone who tells good anecdotes and stories.

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