Dark Star Dominion – the Evil Empire

10 July, 2009

Remember when I said that the Dragon Empress was not that evil and that there were true evils to confront in the Sea of Stars?  This is one of them:

The Dark Star Dominion

The lands ceded to Ba’ai’i (“Dark Star”, literally “as black as the space between the stars”) of House Ba’ai’i, by the Draconic Imperium, he renamed the Dark Star Dominion. There he established himself as sole ruler and sole god.

Ba’ai’i is the Dark Star at the heart of his universe. Unlike most of the dragons, he revels in the worship of the ‘lesser beings’ allowing them to idolize him in all ways.  While the Empress disapproves of such, as long as her taxes are paid on time and in full, each dragon has the right rule their lands as they wish.

Within the Dominion, the Dark Star is the highest power.  He shapes the land and the people in his image.  All power flows to him and all things follow his lead.  The government and people of the Dominion seeks to please its master, warping everything around the desires of Ba’ai’i.

While the Dark Star is always the center of the Dominion, the structure that serves him is open to change.  Powerful leaders compete for favor and resources under their master, success is rewarded and systematic failure punished.  The governmental structure is a vicious competition for influence and power, with mixed lines of authority rewarding those clever and ruthless enough to advance their own agendas at the cost of their rivals.  Rarely does a decade go by without a major readjustment in the Dominion’s government, usually leaving behind a wake of corpses and wrecked lives.

For a millennium, Ba’ai’i built the Dominion into a vast military system.  It is a military of a nature never before seen in the Sea of Stars.  Indoctrinated to the service of its ruler, the army of the Dominion is vast and without remorse.  Half-dragon and Dracovi officers lead units which include storm troopers infused with demonic essence, legions of the walking dead, and vast numbers of loyal soldiers.  The Dominion army is supported by a vast arsenal of skyships, arcane weaponry, and war golems.  Marching and flying alongside the army is an array of impossible creatures, unstoppable creatures, bound to the will of the Dominion.  Can anything stand before the terrible power of the Dominion?

The Dark Star Dominion is my vision of an evil fantasy empire, it is deliberately modeled on Nazi Germany and can be the source for any of the industrialized horrors of the 20th century: aerial bombardment, chemical and biological warfare, slave labor camps and vile experimentation, race based executions.  It is an all around dark and evil place.

If you seek villains, you will find them here.


  1. Sounds like it needs a mad scientist in a bunker …

    (Terry Nation modeled a certain villain on the Nazi’s leader, as did Michæl Wisher, in his original performance. Saying that, I doubt Adolf Hitler wore a paper bag, in the Munich Putsch …)

  2. It can have them. Davros would fit right in, not sure about pepperpot shaped war golems though.

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