The Kingdom of Eosiant – Knights and Ambition

13 July, 2009

Today, we visit a place built on some of the traditional fantasy roleplaying tropes:

The Noble Kingdom of Eosiant

The Eosiant Kingdom is a rarity among the Sea of Stars, a successful expansionist power. Having successfully consolidated power on their major island, survived a revolution and a restoration, they have since taken over fully three minor islands and established footholds on two others (one major, one minor).

The Eosiante consider themselves among the most cultured of the successor kingdoms, having adopted and adapted draconic, dwarven and elven culture and technology to their ends.  There is a considerable half-elven minority in Eosiant itself and one of the minor islands they have established a protectorate over (Aioliand) has a considerable elven population.

The capital is the city of Terriece in Eosiant built along the river Simbol.  Terriece has grown rich and ornamented on the wealth of the Kingdom.  From here the King and the Assembly rule; the King directs, the Assembly implements policy.  A standing Royal Army composed of professional soldiers enforces the royal will, supplemented by adventurous nobles with privately raised and equipped volunteer units.

The King supports a system of universities that produce administrators, scholars and wizards that in turn support the royal rule.  The Church of the Undying Sun is one of the pillars of the Kingdom, though they are careful not to ‘twist the dragon’s tail’ by appearing to powerful, their influence, behind the scenes is considerable.

The lands of Eosiant are verdant and rich, supporting a great deal of agricultural wealth.  The foreign departments of Eosiant are:

Aioliand, a once powerful elven kingdom, formerly patrons of the Eosiante, now reduced to being their clients.  The most powerful of the elven families in Aioliand are the Cedar, Fir and Pine.

Piricalia, once an independent city-state, rich from trade but ambitious.  They overstepped themselves and a small trade dispute blossomed into war and war became conquest.  The Piricali wear the yoke heavily and small acts of resistance have been multiplying.

The Riff, a land of sands and rocks but valuable in mineral resources.  A place of exiles and miners, colonists and soldiers.  The nomads of the Riff still claim their freedom, raiding and striking against the Eosiante.  It is also home to the Chevessians, a race of humanoid lizards, many of whom serve as mercenaries to the Eosiante.

The frontier of the Eosiant Kingdom are in:

Odani, a small lush island, the Eosiante have backed one of the claimants to the Odani throne and keep him in power in power in exchange for trade and other concessions.

Taidan, the Eosiante control the southern coastal plain of this large island and are slowly pushing their way north and into the highlands.

The Eosiant Kingdom is designed to allow several themes to be played with:

  • Firstly, it is a ‘traditional’ fantasy kingdom with knights, priests and wizards.
  • Secondly, it is an echo of France of the late renaissance, rich and ambitious, with an overweening King and powerful nobles.
  • Lastly, it is a colonial power, giving the option to tell stories of rebellion and colonial conflict.

Yes, it has quite a bit packed into it and the threads of the Kingdom can cross in interesting and challenging ways.

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