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New Magic Item – Olin’s Instant Locks

3 January, 2011

“Just a minute,” whispered Jush, tying a quick yet complex know around the latch, “this will slow down pursuit.”

Olin’s Instant Locks

These strings are enchanted to seal a door when tied, the better the knot, the stronger the seal.  However, the seal is temporary.

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New Magic Item – Cat’s Claw

26 November, 2010

Emikiss the Gray, known as Emi the Mouse to most, moved to the upper ranks of pickpocket in the city of Kes after acquiring a cat’s claw from the pack of a drunken adventurers.  Needless to say, Emi keeps the blade well hidden.

Cat’s Claw

This small curved knife has a blade that folds into the handle making it extremely easy to conceal.  The blade is exceedingly sharp and the metal is dulled so it does not catch the light.  They are prized by cutpurses and pick pockets. Read the rest of this entry ?


Through the Lens of History 15 – Latrones – Bandits in the Roman Republic and Empire

15 October, 2010

Through the Lens of History: Using History for Better Gaming
Vision XV: “Latrones
Bandits in the Roman Republic and Empire

Looking back to the Roman Empire we usually imagine it to be an orderly and efficient place, untroubled by minor lawlessness. This was not entirely the case, though in central and northern Italy it came close. Bandits and banditry were a continual problem throughout the expansion of Rome to the collapse of the Empire.
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New Magic Item – Get Out of Jail Free Card

2 December, 2009

This item is by the talented Sacha Ratcliffe of Ratty Ramblings, I just provided the game mechanics.  Enjoy:

Get Out of Jail Free Card

This item is the size of a tarot card and depicts the same image on both sides; that of an ornate door, swinging ajar to reveal a warm, golden glow beyond.  Although made of stiff cardstock, this card is remarkable easy to hide on one’s person (+5 to Slight of Hand checks to conceal it).

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Tarrian – Guide and Raconteur

28 August, 2009

Just getting this in under the wire.  One of my favorite NPCs from my first campaign:

Tarrian, Catfolk Guide and Raconteur

Quote: Gentlefolk, are you in need of a guide to our fair city?  I am most adept in such a task, from the highest art to the basest pleasure, I can insure you find what you need.
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