Master Khest – Sheth Warrior-Wizard

24 August, 2009

For today’s character, a mercenary wizard:

Master Khest, Sheth Warrior-Wizard of the House of Black Knives

Quote: Choose your weapon, sword or sorcery, I am equally adept with either.

Description: Khest is an exemplar of the Sheth, a human kindred, with his ash gray skin and black hair.  His hair his cut aggressively short and he has a short goatee.  His eyes are a dark blue-grey.  Khest is athletic but lithe, all tight muscle, but prone to sudden movements (some of his early fights left him a bit jumpy).

Khest favors a basic uniform of dark grey tunic and pants over magic-attuned light mail, with knee-high boots.  For travel and combat he wears an over jacket of leather and canvass, also in grey.  Khest is armed with a long sword, a wand and scroll case and two daggers.  He has a black dragonsteel helm for field battles, but he only wears it then.

Background: Khest was raised among the children of the House of Black Knives, his father having been killed in battle and his mother serving in the field.  It was a regimented life but one that suited Khest well.  He lived for the letters from his mother telling of the places she had seen and the people she had met.  Khest was fortunate in inheriting his mother’s talent for magic and he was fully adopted by the House at sixteen, having completed his studies of magic and combat.

Khest has served as a mercenary military wizard with his fellow Sheth for years, serving in armies, garrison and a escorts all across the realm.  Many of his early contracts involved fighting raiders and partisans which have left him a bit jumpy.  He survived and succeeded well enough in his missions to be given command of a small body of soldiers.

Presenting this Character: Khest is confident nearly to the point of arrogance, but he knows his limits and will back down when confronted by a superior (or potentially superior) foe.  He would rather research and learn about his foes before engaging them in combat.  While not a coward, Khest believes that a winning fight is one you have prepared for.

Generally, Khest keeps his dealing to soldiers and wizards as much as possible, people he has something in common with.  He does not dislike or dismiss others, he just does not know what to say to them.

What can he do?: Khest is good with a sword, or other weapon, but better with magic.  His specialty is direct combat magic, providing close magical support for military operations.  He has a good tactical mind and can be a strong leader, however his strategic sense is weak as is his mastery of logistics so he will likely never advance beyond the role of field officer.

Khest is fairly well read, mixing poetry and legends with his reading on tactics and magic.  He can be a good conversationalist but he gets bored easily with theory and philosophy, preferring more practical subjects and discussions.  He is also a good horseman, though he avoids fighting from horseback, as he does not wish to risk his mount unnecessarily.

Who might know her and why: Khest has served with the Sheth mercenaries on various sides of various conflicts all over creation and back.  Any soldier or mercenary could easily have fought with him, against him or both (at different times, one would hope).

A specialist in combat magic could have trained at the House of the Black Knives and met him there.  He often works with other military wizards, coordinating the most effective use of magic in battle.

Any other Sheth could be related to him or have served or trained with him at some point.

Plot Hooks: Master Khest is obviously best suited to a military campaign where he can fill the role of commander, ally, foil, rival or enemy as needed.  His is a competent commander, though he is (naturally) concerned with the well being of his soldiers first and foremost.

Like all Sheth, Khest is always on the look out for magic to help to restore his homeland.  He works as a patron to finance expeditions to locate (not necessarily retrieve) lost artefacts that could do so.  Equally, he could end up financing (or leading) a rival party seeking to acquire lost or forgotten lore and magics.

Capsule Description of the Sheth:

Sheth, a race of grey skinned humans, their lands (the Principalities of Sheth) suffered heavily in the Sundering, changing from lush farmlands to arid scrub in the wink of an eye.  They are devoted to restoring their homeland to its former glory and do so by seeking money and magic as mercenaries.

Sheth are on average tall with light gray skin and black hair (though dark brown and white hair is not unknown).  Their eyes are almond-shaped and tend to grey or blue.


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