Interesting Thoughts from Other Gamers (2)

26 August, 2009

Time again to share the fun things I have found on other gaming journals (most through the RPG Bloggers Network):

Look at this great example of how to organize for a game with photographs!  Just one of many fun posts from Bard of Valiant.

GamesTopica discusses the value of playing to the genre of the campaign in “Not just In Character, but In Style too.”

While how to set up in character ties is the subject of Building Realism: Character Relationships from Roleplaying Pro.   In a similar vein, someone had written about using ‘group templates’ to design a group with existing ties but I seem to have lost the link.  Doesanyone have it (or links to similar articles)?

From Capturing Fantasy comes this article on Roleplaying Damage suffered by your character.

Lastly, I wanted to support The Pathfinder Experiment over at The Gamer Dome where Caesar Slaad converts 3.x edition modules to Pathfinder with minimal prep to see how backwards compatable Pathfinder really is.



  1. Glad you enjoyed the game prep post 🙂

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