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Visit Scenic Petrichor

29 September, 2020

I have been running learn to play D&D sessions monthly, so I thought I should consolidate the information on the usual location to make it easier for the players to reference.


What emerges after the rain?Many odd places exist in the Sea of Stars, one such place was the Wash, a large island that was constantly under pounding rain.  While a few hardy (or unfortunate) souls set up small settlements to sell fresh water to passing ships, expeditions into the exterior never returned or came back with stories of washed out plains and low hills of mud.  Even the expansionist powers gave up on settling the fringe of an island whose only resource was rainwater.

Then, the rain stopped, entirely.  The omnipresent clouds, blew away.  Suddenly, the Wash was just another island.  Cautiously, exploration began, after all the rains could come back at any time.  To their surprise, there were forests, mountains and lush grasslands, rivers and streams, even ruins.  It was as if the real nature of the land had been held ayont, waiting for the rains to stop before they returned.

Now, there is a great rush to claim this new land.  While in the capital, lawyers and surveyors argue over who owns the lands, everyone knows that it will be the facts on the ground that ultimately decide the division of this new realm.

Setting: The Sea of Stars, a new frontier thereof.  Characters who are venturing upon such land for reasons of their own.

  •    Continuity: Episodic with continuity, season arcs.
  •    Rating: PG13, themes of colonialism, slavery and exploitation are likely to appear.
  •    Style: Exploration, politics, community building.
  •    Tone: Serious but not aiming for dark, just thoughtful.

Rules: D&D5, with standard Sea of Stars modifications (see character creation notes here). Read the rest of this entry ?


Plot ideas for the Secret Society Ring

3 May, 2017

I was a little rushed getting the Secret Society Ring out, and some ideas came to me tonight, so some thought on how to use the Secret Society Ring to drive adventure:

What secrets do you hold?Firstly, I was thinking that the identification sensation would vary from society to society: a spider cult would feel the sensation of spider legs along their spine, members of a celestial back conspiracy would see the other member with a halo, and so on.

So someone who is sensitive to magic emanations might still get the sensation that the ring triggers when member exchange handshakes when they touch someone wear one of the rings.  How would they react?  And what might they do to find out why that sensation was triggered?

A flawed ring, one that just requires that it be worn for a day to align it to the wearer, and that wearer would suddenly be treated as a friend and ally by people they had never before met.  How long can they keep up the charade?  What about when other member of the conspiracy start asking them for help and expected that it will be given, what then?

What is the group found a stash of these rings and the ritual to activate them?  What would they use them for?  And if they do use them, how will they react when they start encountering other people who have activated rings of the same type?

How would you use the rings to spark adventure?

Image “Ring” by Celtic via The Metropolitan Museum of Art is licensed under CC0 1.0


Pattern Seekers – Episode 18: Forbidding Island (Part Two)

26 December, 2014

Imagine it overgrown and more weathered.Having arrived at the top of the mountain at the center of the island, our brave venturers found a abandoned fortified manor, an overgrown garden and a once beautiful fountain that had been converted into some sort of horrible nest.  With great caution, they investigate the nest which was full of bones and other less pleasant things but they did find a few valuable things.*

The doors to the mansion had been torn off and cast out into the garden, ages ago, they spotted one of them almost entirely overgrown in the garden.  Above the door was written “Welcome All Those of Good Intent” in an antique language (Mirror could read it though) that had been scored through by something sharp possibly a dragon’s claw.  The entry hall was obviously a battle site, the grand marble stairway leading up had been partially melted.

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Pattern Seekers – Episode 17: Forbidding Island (Part One)

29 November, 2014

After having investigated some strange caves last time, this episode starts with a new arrival: Kurtz Dreiman was on the brink of being slain by satrapal agents when he found himself wakening on the black and white floor of the Complex alone but unharmed.  He goes exploring, encountering a stream of ants before moving into Thea’s room where Thea and Pho explain to him where he is and take him to meet the Shaper.

While uncertain of the Shaper and the Pattern, Kurtz sees little choice but to go along for the moment.  Soon enough he, Thea, Tack and Mirror are summoned for a new task.  The ancient home of a great dragon slayer may have been rediscovered but it will require a short sea voyage, luckily a skill set that Tack has.

Someplace like thisThe Portal places them on an abandoned hilltop among equally abandoned standing stones, marking their arrival point they head down toward the fishing village they can see down the the hillside.  Making their way down, they arrive to much polite interest.  They go to the one inn in the village, the Mermaid, where they are to meet their contact, Gordian, who will provide them with a boat.  That they do, finding a newly built boat, fully equipped with a week of supplies for five.  Tack christens it the “Lady Bess”.  After a night spent befriending the locals through gambling, and losing, story telling and buying drinks, they board the boat for their journey.

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Pattern Seekers – Episode 16: ‘Orrible Caves

26 October, 2014

Shortly after their last task, recovering an amber box  our three active venturers (Mirror, the unstable wizard, Tack, the pirate, and Thea, the adventurous druid, with her lioness Pho) are summoned before the Shaper.  The Shaper explains that the expansion of the Complex has encountered a . . . space which her other agents are ill-suited to explore.

A rift had opened in the side of the Complex, inside was a cave the floor thick with dust and a body.  Tack poked at it and it collapsed, releasing a cloud of foul gas.  They fled back into the Complex, led by Pho, and waited for the noxious fumes to disperse.  Having been provided with beetle based light sources, they again ventured in.

Exploration, encounters with undead husks, carnivorous snails, ancient idols, things from before history and other strangeness follow.  While occasionally pushed hard, they managed to avoid being killed or consumed by anything and they survived, gaining information and odd magic items out of it all.

Notes: This adventure used the Horrid Caves from The Manor, Issue 7, hastily converted to Pathfinder as its basis for a nice semi-creepy adventure.



Pattern Seekers – Episode 15: Boxing Day

1 October, 2014

It turns out if has been quite some time since the last Pattern Seekers game  and this one was sparsely attended, we had:

A box made of amberMirror, the unstable wizard, Tack, the pirate, and Thea, the adventurous druid, with her lioness Pho available to serve the Pattern (details on the characters can be found here).  Summoned by the Shaper, they are tasked with aiding an ally of the Pattern in retrieving a stolen item, an amber box.  To aid in such they are given a crystal ball full of some liquid seeded with golden flakes that are attracted to the box and, as it gets closer, will move towards the box, which Mirror quickly claims.

Taken by ship to the port city of Asterdahl, where the thieves are believed to be, and they are believed to be some of the Visse (the setting’s halfling analog) but no further details are given.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Pattern Seekers – Episode 14: The Land of Milk and Honey

3 May, 2013

Returning from their visit to the dark castle, our heroes has a few weeks to rest up, before being summoned to a new task.  They are sent to the Kingdom of Low Cowsery, which barely qualifies as such, where they are instructed to help the king, and claim the 1,000 silver reward he was offering for the return of his Visse subjects, and that they will be facing down a threat to the Pattern.

Spoiler Note: Now, for this game I was actually running a module, the Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess.  So if you do not want to be spoiled on that adventure, you should probably stop reading after I tell you that it is an excellent adventure and we had a great deal of fun playing through it.

Read the rest of this entry ?


Pattern Seekers – Episode 13: Dark Castles and Faceless Men

16 March, 2013

Dark CastleWith some time to rest and ponder after retrieving dragon eggshells, our heroes are again called to serve the designs of the Pattern, being awoken in the middle of the night and given a hand drawn map showing the location of a sword inside a castle.  The Shaper informs them that time is of the essence as reinforcement are on their way to the castle and they must retrieve the sword while they can sending them directly on their way with potions and goggles to let them see at night.

Crossing through the gate, they find it is night and giant moths waiting for them.   With some reluctance, they climb on the moths and wing through the night sky.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Pattern Seekers – Episode 12: Shells, Wyrmlings and Man-Eating Plants

27 January, 2013

Having moved to gain allies in an urban setting, our heroes were next summon for a more traditional venturers task: recovery.  Summoned by the Shaper they are dispatched to an isolated valley to retrieve dragon egg shells.  They are assured that no actual dragons will be present at the start of their mission.

They arrive through a portal on a slope leading down into a lush jungle valley.  They start to blaze a trail through the undergrowth which proves hard going off and on.  Soon they come to a crystal clear stream winding its way through the valley with no obvious ford or bridge crossing it, though it is only about eight foot (2.5m) wide it is deep and quick flowing. Read the rest of this entry ?


Pattern Seekers – Episode 11: Box, Laws and God-Hunters

1 January, 2013

After only a day or so after retrieving the sword in the anvil, our heroes were once again summoned.  A more straight forward task this time, they are to take a suitcase sized box, made of the same weird resin as the potion bottles, and deliver it to Judge Abraham Haddeth in the City of Kallingsverg as a sign of respect to a potential ally.

The portal ending them up in a patch of scrub not too far from a road,along which soon came a large cart pulled by an ox and full of turnips.  Our heroes confirmed it was heading to Kallingverg and hitched a ride.  The city soon comes into view, it is a walled port city in shades of gray with a massive fortress on the height looming over it all.  Making it past the guards at the city gate, partly by Mirror confusing them with niceness, our heroes accompanied the cart as far as the farmers’ market before heading on.

A comedy of errors followed Read the rest of this entry ?

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