Tuesday Magic Item – Scapper’s Cestus

25 August, 2009

For those fighters that like to use their fists and get in close, this is the item for them:

Scrapper’s Cestus– These harnesses strap to the hands of the user and contain an iron bar to increase the weight of the wearers blows and to protect their hands.  As well as being well made cestus these items give the wearer the ability to sense where to place his blows for best effect.  They provides a +1 enhancement bonus to attacks made with the hands and once each round the wearer may add 1d4 damage to a successful attacks.

While wearing the Scrapper’s Cestus, the wearer cannot effectively use any other weapon (-4 attack penalty) or a shield, and any skills requiring the use of the hands suffer a -2 circumstance penalty.

Caster Level: 5th Prerequisites: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Bull’s Strength, True Strike.   Market Price: 3,000.  Weight: 1lb


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