Physician Nguyen – Wandering Healer

23 August, 2009

To make up for missing last Monday’s character, here is:

Physician Nguyen, Wandering Healer

Quote: That leg is broken, do not put weight on it until it is in a split.  Did I not just tell you not to put weight on it?

Description: Nguyen is a small woman but possessed of a wiry strength and toughness.  Her black hair is cut at shoulder length and usually tied back severely.  Her eyes are a deep brown.  She has a large burn scar on her left leg that she received when rescuing a child from a burning wagon.

Nguyen wears whatever clothes are assigned to women and healers in the area she is traveling though, she prefers not to stand out.  Given her choice, she wears a loose jacket and pants with sandals.  She carries a traveler’s staff and several bags containing her healing supplies and tools.  When she can, Nguyen will have a pack animal to carry additional supplies but her most important ones are always in the bags she carries.

Background: Nguyen’s parents were exiles from Taidan, she was raised from a young age in the Jade Pillar Dynasty.  They taught Nguyen the arts of healing and the necessary skills as a social chameleon to blend into a foreign culture.  Often on the move from immigrant community to immigrant community, the young Nguyen picked up languages, and other skills, from everyone she met.

Nguyen was recruiting into the service of Princess Yu Shou after she turned in a group of dark cultists.  Since then, she has acted as the Princess’ eyes both in the local underworld and in nearby lands to the Dynasty.

Presenting this Character: Nguyen is demure and polite, she fades into the background until her skills are needed.  She is easy to overlook and that is how she likes it.  If someone is wounded or sick, she will come forward to offer aid.

If a party of adventurers needs her skills, she will offer to come with them, warning that she will not be much use in combat.  Adventurers tend to stir up any place they visit, exposing corruption and secrets, so she is happy to use them as stalking horses in her information gathering.

What can she do?: Nguyen is quite a good healer, though better with herbs, medicines and stitches then with magic, though she knows a little healing magic as well.  She is very good at getting people back on their feet quickly and has access to a variety of medicines and techniques to do so.

Nguyen is also a very capable spy, very observant, able to blend into groups of people or just into the background.  She relies on listening more than theft of information, though she will do that as a last resort, as it is amazing how people will overlook that a healer can listen in while she treats wounds.  When she is treating a patient alone, Nguyen also uses narcotics in that are likely to cause the patient to talk as well as treat the sickness.

While she usually fights with a staff, as it is an excellent defensive weapon, she is very skilled with a dagger.  Her knowledge of anatomy is of use in such situations.

Who might know her and why: It is possible that any traveler could have crossed Nguyen’s path at some point.  She is happy to aid the sick and wounded.

A child of other Taidan exiles, or others immigrants to the Dynasty, may have met her growing up.

Only a very few of the Princess’ agents know that Nguyen is one of them, but if something vital comes up that her skills are needed for, an agent may be sent to retrieve her.

Plot Hooks: Nguyen is an excellent addition to a party that needs a healer, she can travel with them for as long as needed or at least as they are helping her to gather useful information.  If one of the characters has been struck with a disease or poison, Nguyen can help with the treatment.

Nguyen would approach a group of adventurers for aid in helping a town that is beset by illness.  She has the medicine needed, but the route is plagued by bandits/monsters (as needed).  She cannot offer much in compensation but it would be helpful in improving the adventurers’ reputation in the area.

She can be used to pass on information from those who recently died to the characters, carrying either the letter or last words to them as needed.


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