Ollimani the Traveling Minstrel (Petrichor 365)

15 March, 2023

News travels only as quickly as the person carrying the news, rumors, somehow, travel faster.  But Ollimani the Traveling Minstrel only carries verified news, at least, he does his best, sometimes, rumors may slip in there, you know, because they seemed true, given the circumstances.

Ollimani has been on Petrichor for several years, arriving with one of the earlier groups of settlers and he just never left.  Now he travels from settlement to settlement, bringing news and music, looping back to Port Imperial every month or so to trade news from the hinterlands for news of the city and the world beyond.

While he is not the only traveling bard on the circuit keeping the settlements informed, he is probably the most well-known and respected due to his long service.

An orpharionOllimani trademark is his wide-brimmed red hat, often dusty, and his silver-stringed orpharion (an ancestor of the guitar).  The rest of his dress depends on his recent travels but will soon be travel-worn and stained but are usually as colorful as he can manage.  His dark blond hair is sun-bleached at the ends and worn loose to his shoulders, he tried to keep his beard neatly trimmed but is not always successful in that, and his blue-green eyes are always alert to new things and people.  He favors boots but will occasionally be found in other footwear  He seems to be in his late twenties or early thirties but he prefers not to talk about himself being far more interested in the stories of other people.

When visiting Port Imperial, he avoids likely haunts of Zerif the Chronicler, whom he considers a parasite and a stain upon the honor of the noble profession of the wandering minstrel.  An opinion he will gladly share with anyone who asks, but he will not bring up the subject himself.  He usually circulates through the inns and taverns of the common travelers and settlers, passing on news and warnings to those traveling out into the wilderness.

Ollimani never seems to have much money, spending it on new clothes, rounds of drinks, and other such things.  He has little use for wealth beyond what it can provide him in short term, Ollimani does not make long-term plans, that is not his nature.

Notes: A useful source of news for those traveling out into the wilderness and a good person to travel with as he knows the roads and byways as well as just about anyone.  Not a good person to make an enemy of, though, as he will warn others of bad behavior, and his word carries weight among the settlers.

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Image adapted from Picture of an Orpharion by John Rose, uploaded by Australopithecus2, found on Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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