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Swordsmaster Rallent (Petrichor 365)

14 March, 2023

Rallent in his younger days.All sorts of people have washed up on the shores of Petrichor, from princes to peasants, heroes to hellraisers, all have ended up here.  Including the Swordmaster Rallent.

Rallent once was a hero, companion of kings and queens, trainer of princesses and princes, captain of the royal guard, and paragon of honor.  But he is an old man now, the regime has changed and he has been retired, given a ceremonial role, and left to die, forgotten.  He would not have his life end like that, so he resigned, packed up what little was truly his, he would not have it claimed that stole anything, and took ship for Petrichor.

Arriving in Port Imperial, it was rejuvenating, Rallent was still old, but he no longer let that define him.  He found a place to live and opened a studio for swordswork and more.  To many people’s surprise, but not Rallent‘s, he knew people would come. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Lubricating Liquor

14 March, 2023

Have a drink, let's talkGollaon looked at the bottle suspiciously.  “I am not sure if we should be drinking this?”

Voddick took the bottle and poured a glass.  “It seems a bit effervescent but I cannot see anything that looks dangerous about it.”

“I think it will make you more talkative than you would like.”

“No one likes me being talkative,” said Voddick with a wry smile.

Lubricating Liquor

This liquor is an effervescent clear liquid that enhances the flavor of any drink it is added to.  It only needs a small amount, an ounce or two (30-60 ml), to work.

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