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Duxon Deftblade, Swordsmith and More (Petrichor 365)

7 March, 2023

The Deftblade family, of the Topaz Gemkine, has had its share of venturers and heroes.  So, when young Duxon announced his intention to head to Petrichor to seek his fortune it was not much remarked on, even as he packed up as much of his mother’s workshop as he could with him.  For the fortune he intends to make is selling venturers fine swords, not risking his own life in the wilderness.

On arrival in Port Imperial, Duxon Deftblade used his money to build a building and forge and immediately set about making and repairing blades.  It is amazing how quickly venturers break and otherwise damage their blades, of course, that was part of his business model. Read the rest of this entry ?


Tuesday Magic Item – Unspillable Tankard

7 March, 2023

Have a drink with me.

Tankard (1715–25). American. Made in New York, New York, Mid-Atlantic, United States. Accession number: 27.85.1

Voddick listened potentially to the drunk insult him and his heritage and when the fool knocked his drink over, he was prepared for what would happen.  The drunk was not, as nothing spilled out of the almost full tankard.  As the drunk starred dumfounded at this minor miracle, Voddick coldcocked him with a precise uppercut.

Gollaon righted the drink of their friend.  “Your patience is admirable, especially given what he was saying about your mother.”

Voddick took a drink.  “My mother taught me never to fight fair with drunks and liars,” he said with a grin.

Unspillable Tankard

Tankards are useful items, many people have their own, so one that does not spill its contents is even more useful.  Each of these tankards is usually highly decorated and personalized for the person it was made for.  They can be wood, pewter, silver, or even more exotic materials.

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HDMS Flying Cobra (Petrichor 365)

7 March, 2023

To the sea in shipsHer Draconic Majestry’s Ship Flying Cobra is a patrol frigate based out of Port Imperial.  It is part of the slowly expanding Imperial naval forces assigned to Petrichor under Commodore Pharos to watch over the coasts and monitor the comings and goings of ships and people.

The Flying Cobra is a three-masted frigate starship made of jade-green Octolia wood and the masts are ivory-white snow pine.  She is of a recent design, sleek and dangerous, equipped with magical bolt throwers and enchanted defenses.  The Flying Cobra is about as fast and maneuverable as any starship of her size can be. Read the rest of this entry ?

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