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The Quill and Sword (Petrichor 365)

1 March, 2023

Have a drink with usComing across the Quill and Sword on the street of Port Imperial is a little disorienting, as the tavern seems to have been transported whole from another place, it even has patches of neatly tended grass around it.  Its two stories are made of stone of a type unlike any other building in the city with a tiled roof and many glass windows more suited to a quiet village than a rowdy port town.

In fact, the entire tavern was essentially transported from just outside of the capital and rebuilt here, it was one of the demands of the Imperial bureaucrat that they have a “piece of home” to meet at and be able to unwind from work on this wild frontier.  It amused the Empress so much that she paid for the relocation of the tavern out of her own pocket.

It is one of the oldest buildings in Port Imperial, which does not say much, and the basic, solid structure of the building has been subtly reinforced with sorcery (the Empress had no intention of allowing her kind gesture to be wrecked by accident or design).  More than one drunk ruffian who attempted to throw a brick through the window of the tavern have been surprised when it bounced off the glass.

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Beginning this month’s RPG Blog Carnival: Taverns, Bars and places to meet

1 March, 2023

Have a drink and a good timeWelcome to the RPG Blog Carnival for the Month of March, 2023, on the theme of Taverns, Bars and other places to meet.

Obviously, the important part of the theme is places to meet, this can be where the player characters hang out between adventures, where they meet up with prospective patrons, or perhaps it is where they get together for the first time (“you all meet in a tavern”).

So, let us talk about Taverns, Bars and places to meet.  Some ideas: Read the rest of this entry ?

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