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Aloysius’ Library and School (Petrichor 365)

23 March, 2023

Between Fort Ajzure and the Grand Market, though nearer to the market, is a round building, two stories tall with narrow windows all around.  The doors are iron-bound and close-fitting, anyone with the appropriate skills will notice the doors and windows are warded against pests and water as well as against thieves.

The front door has a sign reading ‘library’ over it while the back door has one reading ‘school’.  Both parts are useful for learning and Aloysius Inktouch prizes learning above almost everything else.  Finding that Port Imperial did not have a library, he took up a subscription among the Imperial bureaucracy and others to build a library and school on Petrichor.  It was quickly and efficiently built and books and scrolls were imported. Read the rest of this entry ?

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