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The Crossroads Coffeehouse (Petrichor 365)

3 March, 2023
Have a cup

Inn scene. Origin: Amsterdam. Date: 1658 – 1706. Object ID: RP-P-1901-A-22318.

Not all business is conducted over beer and wine, some prefer mild stimulants instead.  At one end of the grand market towards the docks is the Crossroads Coffeehouse which is happy to supply such.

It is a stout building, two stories tall with a stone ground floor and a wooden upper one.  The front is two large windows with a set of double doors between them.  The glass of the window is mostly clear but there are some amber, blue, and green pieces set along the edges.  There are heavy shutters to protect the windows from storm, or other, damage, they are also closed at night. Read the rest of this entry ?

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