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Brewer Callavan the Mean (Petrichor 365)

2 March, 2023

Have a drinkSome people are good and doing things but not good at dealing with people, the Brewer Callavan, known as the Mean, is one such person.

Callavan come to Port Imperial with three of his cousins, they got into a huge fight their first night ashore and have not spoken since.  The cousins have since moved on to set up a tavern in one of the outlying villages.

Callavan set himself up as a brewer and pub owner and while everyone praised his beer his abrasive personality drove customers away.  He soon closed the pub and moved on to providing beer to others.  Callavan can, usually, keep his temper with big buyers. Read the rest of this entry ?


March ’23 Shadowrun Campaign News and a new Seattle Scream Prop (#84)

2 March, 2023

Corporate mazeGetting ready for some back-to-back Shadowrun sessions, one online game and then the monthly game at Tyche’s Games (usually every first Saturday, come and join us in you are in the area, new players welcome).

Moved the Songs in the Key of X campaign forward and hope to wrap the first story arc this month (fingers crossed).  In our last session, one of the players even figured a way to hook a Seattle Scream article into play which was fun.

How about some news from Seattle and beyond in the Seattle Scream (#84)!  Nothing directly relating to player activity this time around.

Notes: Photo by tookapic from Pixabay and is free to use.

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