Chonri, Crossbowman (Petrichor 365)

16 March, 2023

Repeating crossbowPeople from all places have ended up on Petrichor, one such far traveler is Chonri who has made it all the way from the Jade Pillar Dynasty.  He was serving as a caravan guard and then was hired to work a transport ship, from there another ship and another before finally washing up in Port Imperial.

Chonri is not sure if he wants to be trying to make his way home or establishing a new home here.  But in either case, he will need money so he is always looking for paying work.   He has a reputation as a reliable and solid soldier, if not one who takes personal initiative often.

Chonri wears much repaired padded armor over which he wears a breastplate over if combat is expected along with a helmet.  His signature weapon is a repeating crossbow but he also has a light crossbow for more accurate long-range shots.  Though he does his best to avoid close combat he has a sword and several daggers just in case.  Chonri sees his job as providing bolts where needed not risking his life in melee.

Unsurprisingly, Chonri is fairly average in height and build, he is stronger than he looks.  His dark hair is worn in a queue and his brown eyes are alert.  He has a variety of small scars in places both visible and not, he has been a soldier since his teens.  While he still has a slight accent, most people will not recognize where it comes from.

He is a good person to have along to keep watch and provide an additional weight of ranged attacks.  Chonri is mostly loyal to the coin he is paid but he will keep his word and is loyal to people who have proven themselves as friends or allies.  One could easily do worse than hiring him if you need a crossbowman.

Notes: Another mercenary to work with or against.

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