Almost May, Goodbye April

30 April, 2018

Tomorrow brings the first day of May.  May was Maius in Latin and was named after the Greek goddess Maia, probably, who is associated with Spring.  So, what shall the theme be for May?  Spring and nature?  The fae and faerie?  Something else?  Let me know.

Unsurprisingly April’s writings were primarily for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which I am pleased to say I completed though a few were late).  So, the posts for April, 2018, were:

Odds and Ends of the Sea of Stars (A-to-Z Posts):

A to Z Metapost Aims, and Asking for your Help

A to Z 2018Armor in the Sea of Star

Ba’aikire, an unkindness of


Dragon Blood

Enigma of the Sea of Stars

Fantastic Foods of the Sea of Stars

Giant Bone

Hell Lance

Infernal Realms

Jesters and Humor

Knowledge and Knowing

Love and Such in the Sea of Stars

Mercenary’s Contract

Nobility and Draconic Houses

Outlanders in the Sea of Stars

Performers, Players and Playwrights (and Philosophers)

Quests, unfinished


Sword of Slaying Dragons

Turtle Armor






New Magic Items:

CobraCat Chain, be linked to your catish friend.

Hell Lance, channel the powers of the hellish lands through your weapon.

Mercenary’s Contract, magic binds employer and employed to complete the contract.

Sword of Slaying Dragons, sometimes, it just needs to be done.

Turtle Armor, safe in your shell you can protect others.

New Monster:

CobraCat, combining the best (?) of cat and cobra.


Dark Future Ahead 26: News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk Bent

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