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A to Z – Xenophily

28 April, 2018

Traveler find wondersOne of the constants in the Sea of Stars for centuries after the Sundering was change, though it has slowed down in the following centuries, many of the cultures adapted by being at least interested if not actually inviting to new and foreign things.  The Sundering changed so much, sweeping away old certainties, just as the death of the gods devastated many traditions, the need to adapt and adopt new ways become of vital importance.

This means that most societies are open, if not welcoming to new ideas, and when they see someone walking up the main street with green skin and tusks (or a badger’s head or grey skin) they wonder where they have come from, what they will try and sell and if they have new stories and songs to share.  There maybe some suspicion but there is rarely fear or hatred just because they are strangers, now if the stranger has achieved a dire reputation of their own that is another matter!  The people of the Sea of Stars are not fools, just in general lacking a cultural bias against strangers and new ideas.

New ideas spread slowly throughout the Sea of Stars but they do spread, such as riding goats, bronze rye, distillation of spirits, magic techniques, all manner of useful and wondrous things slowly diffuse throughout the lands, all at their own pace by slowly lifting the prosperity of all.  And all because people are willing, carefully, to try new things.

Notes: I am not a big fan of the “outsiders are always treated as near criminals” trope and have subverted it here.  People are not fools, they are cautious, but willing to give visitors the benefit of the doubt in most cases.  More on xenophoby and xenophily here.

Image “Travelers at the Rock Arch in the Limestone Mountains of the River Elbe” by Johann Moritz Gottfried Jentzsch (German, Hinterjessen 1759–1826 Dresden) via The Metropolitan Museum of Art is licensed under CC0 1.0

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