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A to Z – Years

29 April, 2018

While the year in the Sea of Stars in the same length as ours (though it has no leap years) but it is organized differently:

Days and daysThe sun does not rise or set over the Sea of Stars, it is revealed and obscured. The sun is revealed in the morning, moves slowing throughout the day in a broad circle across the sky, and obscured at night. Visually, it is much like the beginning and end of an eclipse. The days become longer during the summer and shorter in the winter, so the seasons are the same across all of the isles.

The Imperial Year is 365 days long divided into thirteen months each comprised of four weeks each seven days long with one extra day in the middle of summer for the Dragon Empress’ Birthday. Autumn, Winter and Spring are each three months long, while Summer is four months long with the Empress’ Birthday in the middle.

The Months are (in order):
Autumn, Bronze, Copper and Ruby.
Winter, Silver, Opal and Sapphire.
Spring, Crystal, Jade and Emerald.
Summer, Topaz, Gold, Diamond and Amber.

The Weeks are (in order):
Egg, Hatchling, Adult, Elder.

The Days of the Week are (in order):
Empress, Lord, Master, Visse, Artisan, Farmer and Wanderer.

Imperial dates are written Year, Month, Week and Day. Thus Imperial Year 7, Silver Month, Week of the Egg, Visse would be the 7th year, 4th month, 1st week, 4th day (or the 4th day of the 4th month). Written quickly it would by 7/Silver/Egg/Visse.

Notes: While the full calendar is rarely used, it is nice to have.

Image “Opening page of calendar, written in French.” is licensed under CC0 1.0.

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